Main quest missing, can't continue the storyline in Wintertide.

  • I was going to post this on the customer support webpage but it doesn't seem to be working.

    My problem is that my yellow main questline is gone! I finished all the Korhala quests, i got to Wintertide's Serpent's Watch and the main quest said that i have to talk to "Manford Bartin" which i did, but upon talking to him the quest tab closed and i didn't get any quests from him? I went to the wiki to check the main storyline quests and it says that he's supposed to give me the "Abducted Witness" quest which just didn't show. And there are no yellow quest markers anywhere so i can't continue the story. What do i do? ;(

  • Keep in mind next time a quest is missing it shows the recommended level on the wiki per what the game says and that quest was level 62. Obviously it's a bit derpy if you picked it up at 58 so it must be just a guided suggestion but try to get closer to that recommended level is what I'm saying before you panic. xD