Any Plans to Roll Out Some Dragons or Marketplace Items Soon?

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  • Perhaps because of all the recent server issues. I don't see why that would matter for the market, really, but it's an excuse at the very least. In the past, there has also been a random month here or there when dragons/specials are not added, likely because it was overlooked, so it's possible that the same was the case this month.

    I wouldn't expect anything this month, unless they decide to do a flash sale, but it would be nice to see something when September rolls around. Even if I don't purchase the dragons, I will look at them during idle moments.

  • Nah. There haven't been any dragons at all for August, or items, either for the month or for a quick sale. I kind of suspected it would happen when there were none after the server maintenance on the first of the month, and the following weeks have been more of the same.

    EDIT: Correction—there is an item/special offers sale this month. My bad.

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  • New dragon's are usually on the start of every month

    You are correct! I was just poking them because I thought they forgot about us with all the focus on SH rolling out Thadrea. 8|;)

    ..... and did just look and see some special offers in the market now. :)