Don't Kill It Before It Has A Chance To Live: Financial Suggestions

  • Your post is spot on.

  • i dont think that will work since this is still dragon's prophet not some new fresh game only way thay can go dub is if the other dps go sub

  • it seems you're salty. This Game is still at his Beginning. so why don't you kill it before it can Breath!? You are this Kind of Player who kills the Game. not the people who Hope. With your Lies you scare the new Players so don't Blame Gamigo when this Game dies. You are the only Fault.

    Players like you makes me really sick, they tries something new and what do you? only Crying how it seems. now think about your words and how another people realize it. maybe you see your mistake.

    sorry for my bad english, i'm a bit mad and i'm not good in english but this have to be told.

    Tenkai over and out

    len_en_project__tenkai_zuifeng_by_blindvoid-darceyi.pngWhen i don't get enough Sleep, after 5h dungeon grinding.

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  • Even if what he said doesn't make me happy, I can't deny the fact that this is the truth, what he said is entirely exact :<

  • I have to disagree on this....

    This game may be at its beginning but lets not forget the fact that THIS game is actually game called Dragon's Prophet that has been released for 5-6 yrs mybe now ,with only ONE change made - ability to get dragon eggs in dungeon (catch them all pokemon concept).

    Other things only seems like a big downfall compared to DP

    1. few times more expensive items and dia prices

    2.a lot of p2w concepts (i would even say p2p concept cos you can barely play with what game provides you for free)

    3. no mod opinions or whatsoever regarding community concerns (forum moderator only announcing dia sales and maintenance... :/)

    I could go on and on about it .... but will stop myself here for now :/

  • Ya but I do love the game and can deal with it since it the only game with dragons like this and not other stuff no one wants.