Unannounced Maintenance

  • Please understand that it was Saturday. And I'm not always here to look in the Forum.

    but it's good that the Server are again Running. I take a look in the forum from time to time on this Sunday.

    best regards Suuzumi

  • (jaw drops)

    so if the server goes offline, it stays offline until GM looks on forum*?

    In 2019, would a better procedure not be that the server does self-diagnostics (I mean this particular outage was probably at the level of "is file thadrea.map accessible?") and sends a 500-Volt shock into the tech support's central nervous system via the Gamigo orbital death-ray network (With this being 24/7/365 with a 99% service level) Could deactivate the 500-Volts again when 100 or more players confirm they are happy over our mobile apps. During the week these are normal working conditions for us who can afford to play MMOs - work hard play hard.

    *otoh if GM 's job is to post update to forum while the tech support identify and resolve problem in some other way (and this takes 16+ hours even though game software hasn't changed in 5 years), I'd say nevermind - this thread is mostly being used so players can say if it's down or up. We use Discord also

  • About the down-time we are talking here - I have lost items in 3 of my mailboxes, which were due on the day of the crash, i.e. 17.08.2019.

    I was talking to one player in-game and also saw a few messages in the chat, that other players had same xp.

    So I want to ask the GM to confirm that and see to it, that it is solved.!

    And - please - do not ask us to write tickets - they are NEVER answered!!!

    Thank you!

  • Except a GM can't help you there, they don't have the rights/permissions to spawn items in etc. So your only hope is support.

  • Hi guys why game is not working? i just drink potion for 100% drop and i cant enter daungeon why i cant farm? I claim bonus because i spend money for emptiness? this bug appears 3 times a month. I really wanted farm, i spent all my money on this potion...

    PS. Sorry for my eng, he bad because i from Russia

  • Hello all Osirons, everu sunday there is an server crash. It looks as Runewake make this crash himself. I 'am not the only opne who think they will an unfair action ans close the game. Every time a player spend money, expensive items server crashing. Ans if the game comes back the never give us back the monewy we spend short for the crash or for example fortunate potion 3 days. In my eyes isthis real stealing. I spend te previus years for more the 5.000 euro. And its all gone for noting it looks. Or wil they sneaky close down server ?

  • Will it be long to come back? This is the second time this has happened in the game in two weeks.

    And the GMs say nothing of what they are holding. No bonuses, no rewards, players are losing a lot of money on this.:/