[Guide] The Frost Obstacle Race

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  • The Frost Obstacle Race

    Starting today you have access to a new minigame: The Frost Obstacle Race!

    During the Frost Obstacle Race your team will need to clear a parcours and pick up all snowflakes on the way in the correct order. Should you leave one out you will need to turn around and collect it before progressing further.

    During the race you will encounter many sorts of traps:

    – Thunderclouds will paralyse you if you don't evade the lightning.

    – Napolite-Illusions will let you fall through, you can notice them by their light purple hue.

    – Icetraps will freeze the ground and let you slip.

    – The cold will render your Movement and eventually freeze you.

    The Napolite stones will keep changing, so always keep an eye out for any changes along the parcours.

    Preparations: The Race has to be done in Teams of 2 players. Once you tell the Eventmoderator Alvin to begin the event, you will gain a skill to declare a member of your party as your Partner, and thus transform him into your helping little Midas pet.

    Helper: Once declared as a Partner, you will transform into a little Midas-Pet with 4 useable Skills. These skills will aid your runner in mastering all the obstacles the parcours has to offer. You can melt ice, undo paralysis, give a movement speed buff and even grant your runner the ability of flight for a few seconds, should the napolite stones decide to disappear underneath your feet.

    Work together, master all the obstacles and pass the finish line to clear the obstacle race and get your rewards! And dont forget the Snowflakes~