• First of all, prices were like this in SH from the beginning. Only that back then, the dragon insignia shop was almost completely non-existent. You now can unlock many things there you first were only able to unlock with diamonds. Only thing missing are backpack and bank slots. Progress made there. No mention of it...

    Second Incubators. Ruined the whole thing of training a companion to a high level. Lv100 Dragons were something "special". As soon as incubators were introduced, people had 50+ incubators on their sky islands. Provisions and Laedis wares without any effort and low FPS for anyone without a beast of a PC.

    Personally, I prefer to earn something in a game rather than get it for free without any effort...

    Third, the backpack expansions in the DP marketplace are for Housing only. Wrong information there.

    And last, diamonds have a "d" in the end too...

  • You have to take into consideration that the whole balancing of the game is different. On DP you had to PAY for any nice dragon you wanted, and it was a good amount of diamonds too. Here in SH you only pay for the other items like costumes, so obviously they had to re-balance the marketplace.

    I don't think it was a bad thing tho. Everything in DP was easy to get, and in SH you need to put much more effort into it, so it feels more like an accomplishement once you reach your goal :)


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  • Hm, Incubators in DP can also be crafted by yourself. In SH you can only buy a limited amount of it. To be honest, I really appreciate the limitation. A whole island full of lairs is just boring, you reach a goal to fast and to easily. I share the opinion of my previous speakers. It's just more challenging.

    And also, the prices HAD to be more expensive in SH 'cause of you can get all marketplace dragons from DP for free. So a balancing like that was necessary to earn money.

    And by the way it's called auction house, not action house.

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  • If you want to get the stuff the way you used to on DP, then play DP, it's still there

    If you want to put a little more effort into getting things, but get Dragons for free, play SH

    IMO the Shops and values are balanced. The ppl above me already stated, you can get those expensive Shop-Dragons for free on SH, thus making other things a lil more expensive, ehich is totally fair, since they have to earn money somehow.

    Apart from Backpack, Bankslots (which can also be traded via gold for diamonds with other players, once they are in the shop) and maybe some other stuff i don't care about too, you get can get everything ingame for free (also by buying diamonds from other players via Gold)

  • Like everyone above said, you didn't do much research and just wrote down a bunch of nonsense. I ain't gonna say anything about it since people already stated pretty much everything wrong with this video.

  • I agree with everyone else above.

    You picture this game with only 1 point of view - your view.

    You didn't highlight any good stuff they make changes and give you for free in dragon insygnia shop for example.

    I think they add stuff in the future and don't forget u can get stuff like unlock from time to time as special offers

    and they listen to players and put some nice promo from time to time.

    It is understandable they have to make some money.

    I think they do quite good job so far.

    If you not happy over dp no one is stoppin you to continue to play there

  • Muito bom vídeo, vejo pessoas que não concordam e tudo bem são as opniões e temos que respeitar.

    Agora os GMs precisam ver que o modo como o SH lida com os preços dos itens está afastando muitos jogadores, muitos abaixam o jogo e quando eles abrem a loja eles são desencorajados a continuarem jogando.

    É lógico que aqueles que são capazes de comprar diamantes estejam satisfeitos com o jogo, mas jogadores "free-to-play" não poderão ficar no jogo, como você joga com apenas uma página da mochila aberta? se não há como expandi-lo sem gastar dinheiro.

    Para poder remover um atributo para trabalhar com transferência são coletados 1000 shells (10 dias diários para remover um atributo) entre outros itens que são todos muito caros mesmo sendo usados os shells.

    De qualquer forma, eu só espero que os GMs vejam que o "free-to-play" precisa de melhorias no mercado para poder permanecer no jogo, automaticamente outros jogadores retornariam para jogar o SH e novos jogadores iriam baixar e começar a jogar.


  • Try in english, I doubt many of us even got a slight clue what you're even saying.

  • Well, if somebody wants "fair prices", play Dragons Prophet. If somebody wants dragons for free, play Savage Hunt. Both games are "free-to-pay" ... cough ... Sorry, "free-to-play". It's your choice, and like above already stated, you have the oportunity to get things without buying diamonds by yourself. You only have to spent more time and more effort. ;)

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  • You have to understand that with the Marketplace Dragons now being free (which was their main income imo), they have to boost up the prices of other items in the marketplace. As for the shells, I believe it can be reworked a little but not too much. Shells and gold prices have been increased in SH to make it more challenging than DP, in which you can do pretty much everything super easily.

  • Are you... trolling? A simple copy + paste into Google Translate makes it easy to see that Freyah agrees with the OP. There is no argument to be had on that concept.

    Im not trolling. But well looky here they actually manage to make g.t to work (90%)
    Well bugger me.

    apologies i thought it was still a useless tool ^^