Encrypted box frozen

  • I usually takes 2-4 hours for all encrypted box to get locked (buged).

    Then clearing those bugs takes 1-2-3 days depends, before they get lock again few hours later.

    I was wondering if dp have same issue with those boxes?

    or just nobody collecting them anymore,

    so I log to dp and found 2 boxes unopened but working

    wonder if there ever be a permanent fix


  • In SH those boxes get buged - they spawn but no one is able to target-click them, for some time it is fine maby few or 10 of them will be fine but after that a bug ones will appear eventually quite fast

  • Hey Belzie, there is a very active german thread for this already, but as most english players might not know this: There is only one person here that can clear the chests, and at the moment i just cannot clear them daily, i am very sorry about this. We are working on possible solutions as we know the chests are an important feature of the game, but until then you have to be patient.

    I will clear them again in a few minutes, so you can search today and hopefully tomorrow after maintenance again :)

  • Hello. Today i started my day farming some more encrypted treasure boxes. I found one in Misting Jungle, Laedis channel 1 and opened it. Right after i read another book exactly with same information about its location so i went to Misting Jungle again. What was my surprise when i found the second box in the same place as the first one, and the first one was still there opened. After this i couldnt select the second box. Impossible to open. Not sure if its a bug or something...


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  • I tried but couldnt select it. Anyway, after some time, the open one has disapeared and i finnally was able to open the second one. Thanks :-)

    “If the sky could dream, it would dream of dragons.”

    Invernal - Archer - Level 102