[PM] LadyThora

  • Hello Osirans,

    allow me to introduce myself, before you start to think nobody cares about you anymore. ?

    I am LadyThora, a Product Manager at gamigo for a number of years and have been responsible for multiple games.

    I am happy to announce that I will now be taking care of Savage Hunt and Dragons Prophet.

    My approach and style are rather subtle, so you will find me rarely on the Live game-servers or actively communicating within the Forum on everday topics (unless it's necessary or Official).

    For this, we have a great GM- and Mod-Team who will continue relaying your wishes, suggestions, critiques and mood to me and vice-versa, they will inform, clarify, announce and interact with you in my stead.

    I'm already excited for this new responsibility and opportunity and I really hope we will enjoy a nice time together.

    Best regards,

    Lady Thora