[CM] Ildruin - A Farewell

  • You never know what to say in certain moments in life, and this is one of them.

    Maybe something along the lines of:

    The last two years have been not only a big part of my life, but also been incredibly fun. I have loads of fond memories thinking back and I've come to appreciate this community, believe it or not, haha.

    Creating events through all the limitations that the game has was by far the best and worst experience at the same time. Once something has paid of and actually worked, the feeling was incredible. Seeing you guys happy for even a few minutes was well worth all the effort.

    I think my favourite event was the Spring Messenger event in Dragon's Prophet in 2017, where we also shortly after released a new Legendary, Elenisil. Showing the dragon in that event, visiting Arteicia afterwards and just flying into the sun with this new dragon and seeing all your reactions was priceless and brought a few minutes of change not only into the game, but into my day. Anyways.

    It is with a heavy heart that I must now inform you that I am moving on to other projects and will leave DPSH behind me.

    I will be eternally grateful for the GM teams I got to work with over the years. From taking over existing GMs to building my own team, twice over, it was real good fun.

    Being in a position to *help* players was by far the best experience I had with gaming in my life and making it my job - dream come true. I sincerely hope that I made your time just a tiny bit better sometimes, because then I can leave knowing I did what I set out to do.

    I hope I didn't let anyone down.

    For everybody that I got to know over the past years, thank you for being with us and with me for so long.

    And to everybody that never saw eye-to-eye with me: Well, you finally got rid of me! :D

    When this is posted, my account will be closed.

    I'll help the new team get acclimated behind the scenes and after that, that'll be it.

    I will honestly miss you guys!

    Who knows, in German we have the expression "Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben": One always meets a second time in life.

    Cheers to that! :)