$$ - mercenaries available - will run Deyarka Bastille for in-game gold - $$

  • Recently a guild has been on world chat offering DB runs for 5kk per person

    I want to say I wish them every success in this venture - and hope that all their customers will get good loot rolls.

    But is this really what we've come to?

    We join the game and people powerlevel us to 60. We do dailies, events and road quests to 105, and people farm 105 gear for us. We then spend the next few months mugging some other people to carry us through Silia, Omati and Sorthina. We farm shards inbetween to put 428s on a few slots. And we use the remaining gold to bribe a few old players to carry us through Deyarka Bastille...

    And then... we complain there is no content. :w

    So maybe I join these DB runs. I'm told it works in the same way as Silia/Omati/Sorthina and I need a random number of runs, which might be as high as 20 to make the weapon. 100kk might seem fair, but what if the group breaks up halfway? And of course that's 20 runs for me... on those runs the other 8 people who also paid 5kk gold get nothing... if there is a consistent group of 8, we would all have to go through over 150 runs (=750kk gold :huh:) to all get the weapon. Plus a time commitment in the region of every night for 6 months.

    Feel free to correct my maths. My point is really just that it's not a simple, self-contained purchase, thanks to Runewaker's enduring love of geometric distributions in their RNG

    And that's not why I'm not going to do it. When I think about it, I don't actually want this weapon - what I want is to finish DB fairly. I want to run that dungeon and know that something I did whether it was my dps, or healing a robot at the last second, or whatever - made the run successful. Anyone who has done any of the 102 dungeons with me will say "fat chance of that - he's completely useless!", but I'm sorrier for these people who'll be raking in a billion gold. As what will there be in the game for them to buy with it? At least in real life if you have too much money you can take a bath in it.

    My idea would be for the GMs organise a DB run once a week - not necessarily being on the run, but they could bring the players together. And of course distribute the loot...

  • ofc we are doing our DB runs to help lower ppl to get the stuff and ofc its expansive if they need a lot of runs but its also spending a lot of time for us to do it for them.

    so we think how could we get someone out of it so we take a amount of gold. So we can buy shards to be stronger and to do more DB runs for lower PPL.

    Best Regards

    Guild Abyss

    (sorry for bad english)

  • Well... This is quite a sight to behold. All this time and literally nothing has changed in any aspect.
    I think a number of factors in this conversation are missing that make it rather sad think about:

    1) If it's content you're worried about then you are most certainly playing the wrong game. Everyone should be fully aware of this by now.

    2) You chose to get power leveled as much as you could to purposefully skip through the content.

    3) I can understand having people run RG loots for you to obtain 105 gear, for the lazy ones- but why are the "new" players who've reached lvl 105 not grinding the SoS dungeons themselves? It only takes basic 105 gear with no upgrades to do that stuff flawlessly in a group

    4) If its understanding of mechanics that's missing, simply have someone explain it or train it X-amount of times until the group clears it. This is even a game where almost all the content is solo/duo(able) without exploits. (But who are we kidding, the whole game is an exploit)

    5) Selling DB runs? Hah and I remember when this was just a prank in our minds... I'd say the game has officially hit its lowest point with that.

    Well then- I've already decided to reinstall for the lelelel of nostalgic dungeon runs with some friends, so to any REAL WARRIORS out there... I offer you the opportunity to completely put this "DB Runs selling" out of business by offering anyone a spot in our dungeon runs. There will always be 8-5 slots open and obviously the runs wouldn't take much time. We haven't played in over 2 years but to me, this game is like riding a bike. I won't be charging anyone for our DB runs and the loot will be distributed fairly amongst who joins. Our squad doesn't need anything- we're literally just here for the lolz.

    I only login when I feel like it, or if I need to- so if anyone would like to take me up on the offer, you can message me any time at
    Discord: KaiCast#9961

    PS: @cattyandco
    I highly respect your resolve to want to clear the dungeon properly- so my first run offer goes to you and whomever you'd like to accompany you.

  • wow - I'll graciously accept - thank you!

    I took a straw poll within Defiant just from those online, and we could possibly make a group from:-

    Edessaiii, Lilytetsuya + Zeryl from ally guild Dohvamir (who have the SOS items)

    [In Dohvamir the players Bloodygenesis and Wraithpool can do DB and finished before]

    I had best let people say here on the forum though, as I'm not leader. I guess there will be players in popular Jorbyn guilds like Elitedragonsquad and Skyofdragon who will want to join or put their own groups together perhaps with some of the same players