DHT Speedrun EVENT

  • Hi,

    as in the past often requested I organize a Speedrun-Contest Event !

    The rules are as following:
    1. The very FIRST person who can beat my Speedrun till the release of LvL98, will be rewarded 10mio Gold of mine.

    2. If no one can beat my time, but atleast 10 Players participate at this event, I will reward the first (after my own) 3 places with 1mio/500k/250k Gold.

    3. The Speedrun -videos have to be posted/linked in this Thread.

    4. No cutted or speed up Videos are allowed

    5. ONLY SOLO-HARDMODE Speedruns will count

    I would love if Players actually participate at this Event.

    To start this Event. Here is my Video. I hope everyone has fun :]

    The event duration will be till release of lvl 98 !!!