[Event] The Silver Dragon Festival

  • Join us and celebrate the Silver Dragon Festival!

    The winter realm "Aurora's Gift" is located in a hidden valley surrounded by snow covered peaks. If you want to travel there, talk to the Silver Dragon Festival Acolyte. They are awaiting you in every major city.

    You can find one of the young men on the plateau in the north of Arteicia, where you can also travel to the Sky Islands.

    Talk to the Acolyte to receive your first quest, which leads you to the winter realm "Aurora's Gift". After that you can gaze the huge christmas tree. If you whisper to the tree, you can make a wish to travel to the winter realm "Aurora's Gift".

    And soon the wish will come true! Once you arrived in the winter realm, one of the Acolytes will welcome you! Talk to him to complete your first quest. He will point out that you should visit the Silver Dragon Priest Patricia. The young lady has a lot of other tasks for you.

    Patricia suffers from stomach-ache due to the whole christmas stress. The goblins are probably the cause of all evil. Every year a group of goblins tries to steal the Legendary Dragon's Gifts from under the Blessing Tree, so they always seek help from adventurers. But it's a peaceful festival. Thus, keep your weapons in the pocket and throw some snowballs! Save the Legendary Dragon's Gifts!

    Legendary Dragon's Gifts

    Take your dragon and fly cross the canyon to the other side. A gigantic christmas tree is standing in the middle of the snow field with colorful presents underneath the tree. These are the Legendary Dragon's Gifts. Protect them from the evil goblins, who want to steal them!

    Karuna's servant Foster is laying next to the christmas tree and watching what is going on. Foster knows a lot about the snowball tradition. If you still have some questions, ask Foster! Aside from that, every year Foster and Siveru will bet on who wins the snowball fight. So you should talk to Foster to get another quest for the epic snowball fight.

    Epic Snowball Fight

    In the top right corner you can see the bar for the public event, which provides some additional information about the snowball fight. If you can see a countdown running out, you have to wait a bit until the next snowball fight begins.

    You can use the time properly to collect some snowballs. At the bottom of your screen you have a skill bar with event skills. You can throw snowballs, make single snowballs, make a snow bomb out of ten snowballs and you can make five snowballs at a time with a shovel. Just give it a try as long as you have the time. Once you collected snowballs, you can see the amount of snowballs at the top of your screen beside your other buff icons. The easiest way to collect snowballs is to collect the little pyramids of snowballs that are scattered around the battle field. You can get ten snowballs with each pyramid. But don't get too greedy or you will get your punishment! And keep in mind, once you leave the winter realm, your snowballs will melt away like ice in the sunshine.

    In the winter realm you can tame a dragon. That's why you have a skill for it. But you can read more about that later!

    After the countdown has run out the first wave of goblins will start. One wave consist of a preparation and a enemy attack phase. In the preparation phase you should transform as many snowmen as possible. It will cost eight snowballs to transform a snowman. We told you to prepare some snowballs!

    There are two types of snowmen. The red snowmen will attack the goblins and the other enemies. The blue snowmen will cast ice upon the enemies to slow them down. A good balance between red and blue snowmen will help you to win the battle.

    When the enemy attack phase has started, take a look around the battle field! The enemies are running a specific route. They are coming from the blue portals, stealing the gifts and are leaving through the yellow portals. Transform the snowmen next to the routes to stop the thieves. You can also throw snowballs and plant a snow bomb! But be careful, if too many gift are stolen, you will lose.


    In the small christmas village Karuna's servant Siveru awaits you. Take the quest and you can fetch a little present from the small christmas trees. As long as the Silver Dragon Festival is celebrated, you can fetch a little present each day. You will receive a Advanced Silver Dragon Gift Box.


    If you run along the canyon, it can happen that you will meet Randolph! You have to attack him with snowballs to slow him down. Maybe you can tame him! The necessary skills are in your skill bar at the bottom of your screen.


    There is a lot to do in the Silver Dragon Festival! Take a look at the achievement overview in the event section. The Silver Dragon Festival achievements consist of five categories. There are some additional quests, which are hidden in the winter realm "Aurora's Gift". As a reward you can get special titles and Silver Dragon Coins, which can be exchanged for weapon costumes, furniture recipes and transformation potions at the Silver Dragon Coin Merchant.

    The event will end with the maintenance on 10th January 2019.