Captured Roaming Ancients [Server Morgath]

  • Refrain from saying who killed dragons, it's unnecessary drama.


    - A simple please ... is possible

    - The noun "Refrain" on its own is referring to Poems and songs

    - "Refrain from" is used in courts - in Online Games perhaps from GM's not by players like you

    - If you want to criticize me - use your manners - by writing perhaps "Please avoid.........."

    Thank you :)

  • - I agree on the first part, a please should be possible

    - Unlike in german, in english nouns are not written with capital letters (in most cases), thus Aykalia is using a verb here, since it's the beginning of a sentence

    - "to refrain" = "unterlassen", "zurückhalten". It's a perfectly correct term to use here, saying to "not do" something. So if Aykalia would have said "Please refrain from stating who killed the Dragon", it would say "Bitte unterlasse es, zu erwähnen wer den Drachen getötet hat", which is perfectly correct.

    - If you want to criticize others for criticizing you, then please use a dictionary, before stating something to be wrong, if it isn't.

    Thank you too :)

  • There's no use trying to argue with them. They have their own little clique and will back each other up no matter what. I will be publishing a list of Dragon Killers with evidence at a later date. ^^

  • "our own little clique" fyi, I haven't played the game in months and hardly know anyone that still plays, so people backing me up are people that just happen to think the same as me. And again, people could've accidentally killed dragons. Posting their names out like that gives them bad rep for nothing and just causes unnecessary drama. True there are some people that are out there just to kill ancients, and these people are enjoying the attention it gets them, so just don't feed trolls and don't give good people a bad rep. This is what I meant to say. Now let's all keep this thread a thread to post the times at which a dragon has been captured or killed. Without saying who did what.

  • One last thing, as I did not address the thread to YOU!!!

    Why on earth should I use a dictionary? And why do you quote from a german dictionary?

    It is my mother language against your german/english dictionary - another loss after 2 world wars and 1 world cup ;):saint:

    So if YOU want to criticize a third person in a thread, which does NOT concern YOU, REFRAIN FROM writing fairy tales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I respect your opinion - please respect mine

    @ Zalari:

    thank you for your support - I will continue.

  • I am born in Hamburg - a true Hanseatic - so I will find him 8)

    Last time i checked Hamburg was Germany ;)