Tourney problem

  • Wuuuuuuuut ?

    Alts ? At the turnament ? In the early - veeeeeeery early- game ?!

    But what for o.o ?

    Laedis Component ? Ridiculous, they/we have months and almost no concurrence at this time...

    Runes ? No it's character-self money..

    The dragons eggs ?! Brillant blaze, etc ... not worth beeing cancer...


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  • I have a question about this topic.

    First at all i didnt take part at Dragon Tournament yet, but i know how it works from Dragon's Prophet.

    I dont know if its possible to farm stuff for the Laedis Jewellery yet at this lv 55 cap.

    Where did you guys find the Rules that Alts arent allowed there ?

    Did you notice that when u have bad luck or bad dragons it would take months/years to finish the Laedis Jewellery Stuff with only 1 Character ?

    I can only find these rules

    1. §9 PvP
    2. It is not allowed to jump to the opponent's spawn platform on the „Groll Canyon Battlefield", or to pull out the opponent players out of the spawn platform to kill them directly after spawning.
    3. It is forbidden to register or participate with several characters in the same period of PvP tournaments. It is not allowed to play against your own twink or twinks of friends or guild members or specially to let someone win a game to gain increase in the ranking.
    4. If you believe that someone of your co-players is not playing fair, please notify the support. You have to prove your claim (screenshot / video) so that we can understand better what happened.

    Dragon Tournament isnt PvP..

  • Rule nr 9 seems its based to the Groll Canyon PvP (BG).

    There it isnt allowed to open a round with Twinks.

    The Main Problem we know from BG is Grieving.

    Nobody talks about PvP when they take part of Dragon Fights.

    Dragon Tournament is Dragon vs Dragon.

    If there is no official statement to this, its allowed!

  • Does it have ranking? Yes.

    Does it make players fight against each other and compete? Yes.

    Do players steer their dragons if they are not alts who registered for profit? Yes.

    Your argument is invalid.

  • This "own define of rules" is pretty funny.

    When i follow your last Post i could tell you something.

    What about CoP (when they will unlock it)

    Does it have rankings ? Yes

    Does it make players beat against each other ? Yes

    .. and the Profit argument (its your important fact, nobody cares)

    What when you want to complete the CoP Achievements with your Main and your Twink Character.

    So it is also forbidden ?!?

    And what about writing posts to this Forum while playing Savage Hunt. It could be AFK-ing ? WTF (i can redefine rules too)

    Nvm, still waiting for official statement or new Rules.

  • Considering how little gold there is in game atm and how much stuff costs (especially repairs), yes, everyone cares. If someone doesn't care for people gaining gold through shady ways, it means they are doing it themselves.

    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if having more than one account is forbidden. You can't log 2 characters from one account at the same time, and having multiaccounts is forbidden in 90% of mmorpgs.


    1.9. You may only participate in the online games operated by gamigo using a single account. Multiple avatars are not permitted. Please see the Rules of Conduct for the applicable online game for further information

    From gamigo ToS.

    If Ildruin said he is looking into this matter, he acknowledged this as rule breaking. Otherwise he would say that it is not forbidden to use alts.

  • Really clever (not) , now you try to put Focus on Multiaccounting.

    Everyone knows its not allowed.

    Maybe you didnt know a Twink can be created on a single Account. Spoiler Alert !!

    You Guys didnt wrote anything about it since yet, only flaming against Twinks.

    I see no reason in your Logic.

    Simple mimimi about people who want to farm theyre stuff.

    Tell me what u want to buy for the Gold right now ? Heal Potions ? XD


    it means they are doing it themselves.

    Like i wrote, i didnt yet. Internet Rambo :X


    No nee to spam this Thread

    Aykalia : i wrote:


    Does it make players beat against each other ? Yes

    Good Readings my Friend

    /irony off

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  • What about CoP (when they will unlock it)

    Does it have rankings ? Yes

    Does it make players beat against each other ? Yes

    CoP doesn't make players fight against each other, it makes them compete against each other. The tourney is and has always been considered a form of PvP. Stop trying so hard please your making me cringe.

  • I answered to your CoP logic with multiaccounts since you can't use twink with your main in CoP without having multiacc :p.

    It's really interesting how hard you are trying to justify alts in Tournament :P.