[Marketplace] Black Friday Deals!

  • Dear Community

    Black Friday is upon us! That means it's the best time of the year to go spend those Diamonds!

    This post is here to guide you through our Black Friday selection and explain to you what will happen in our in-game marketplace!

    Our Black Friday consists of different subsections of our "Black Friday" marketplace category.

    Happy Hour

    If there is a Happy Hour offer available, you will see the words "Happy Hour!" broadcasted across your screen*. This means, that if you open your marketplace, you will see a new offer in the Black Friday category "Happy Hour".

    You can find amazing one time deals here, or a very limited supply of one special item, or simply a good discount!

    *Please note that our broadcasts are sometimes not in sync with the marketplace. This means you might need to wait for a minute until the offer actually shows up for you.

    Mass Sale

    Mass Sales are typically big packages with lots of stuff in them. You can find some of the best deals ever in here, if you are willing to buy in!

    But beware! Sometimes, there are packages that contain a special 10% or 20% Off Coupon. This special item can be used to save the specified percentage on your next item purchase. Simply go to the Purchase Overview, there you can use a coupon that is in your possession to reduce the Diamond price.


    This is a first for us! As you know, "All Dragons available for free" is one of our prominent catch phrases. Now, we don't want to change that, but for those of you that might be missing a specific dragon in your collection, but Morgath does not want to grant you the necessary dice roll when using your Soul Gaze, we offer you the option of purchasing these directly. These are the same ones you can get from a Soul Gaze, so paying is no advantage here!

    The selection is rotating, so if you don't like anything now, check back when the current selection has expired.

    And that's our Black Friday! We hope you enjoy these offers.

    You will see the last of these offers start and end on Monday, 26th November!