Road Event Dragons

  • Most of you probably have noticed that when you run the roads in game world, a mini events have quite high chance to spawn. Usually they take few seconds, and require you to click or kill something. But did you know that you have small chance to spawn a dragon instead of that quest?

    There are 4 times in game: Morning > Day > Sunset > Night, and every time, have bound a dragon that can appear for you on road instead of a mini event.

    1. Morning - Dayspring:

    2. Day - Jadeite


    3. Sunset - Vesper


    4. Night - Night Mist


    Their level depends on place where you spawn it, for example if road event have 20 lvl, then dragon spawned in the same spot will also have 20 lvl, so it's wise to farm them in area where you will be able to tame, because it's impossible to tame an ancient aka rare dragon that is highter than 6 lvls than you. Keep that in mind!

    If you spawned a dragon a yellow message will pop up in front of your screen saying "PlayernameDiscovered Mysterious Dragon - dragon name" this message does not appear in chat, remember that!

    Also Their spawn chance is about 0,03% and they have 1000 hours respawn time,so if ONE person on server spawns for example Vesper, then EVERYONE on the server need to wait 1000 hours to have chance of meeting another Vesper. Respawns are server bound, and it's for now unknown if server restart resets their respawn time.

    Also remember, spawned dragon is not bound to you, when you spawn it, make sure to hit it as fast as possible, because everyone can see it it, and it's very possible that if you're not fast enough, it might get stolen.

    Pictures are made by Yuuyake, also thanks for her we know respawn info.

  • first and second i see and capture but that 3rd and 4rth i dont i think that kind dragon not type my class that travel quest dragon show depend the class

    That's wrong. Like it's written in the Guide above, every Dragon is bound to a daytime, not to a class:

    Dayspring only spawns in the morning

    Jadeite only spawns at day

    Vesper only spawns at sunset

    Nightmist only spawns at night.

    So, If you want to capture for example Vesper, you need to do Road quests during sunset.

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