[Event] Name your PC Day

  • Name your PC Day

    "I'll check on the computer"

    "My computer crashed"

    "This crappy computer refuses to let me see my mails"

    Osira, have you no heart? How dare you be so cold to your lovely computer? Every day he wakes up, runs its program for you, make itself pretty by generating a GUI... All of this just to please you.

    You give a name to your cars, you give names to your cats. For Morgath's sake, you even give names to your children, your dragons and your characters!

    So how come you didn't give one to this cute little being, you unemotionally call a "computer".

    But fortunately, we happen to know there is an official day to help get informed that computers have a soul: November the 20th! Hence we will celebrate it together!

    Osira, help us letting the world know. By doing so you will automatically get registered for a raffle with the following rewards:

    1x Ravenstorm Wings

    1x 3 Day Drop Potion

    2x 20 Server Megaphones

    2x 10 Seal Breaker

    How to participate?

    Take a cool picture of your faithful friend (your PC ofc) and send it to the Collector (->click here<-) between the 18th of November and the 20th of November at 23:59 CET.

    Of yourse, name it and make the Name clear on the picture: we should have no doubt!

    Don't forget to add your character name and server so that you'll be able to get a reward!

    If you do this, you will participate in the raffle with a chance at one of the rewards listed above.

    Happy Name-Your-PC Day!

  • Hello Osirans!

    We are pleased to announce that 6 computers were given a name. This is a great victory for our cause!

    Unfortunately, we only have 4 winners for the organized raffle, and here they are:

    • Alcesteoklar, from Chaugnar: 20 Server Megaphones
    • Shalenora, from Lysaia: Raven Storm Wings
    • Echtrae, from Chaugnar: Fortunate Potion (3 Days)
    • Tenkai, from Diwata: 10 Seal Breakers

    Your rewards will be sent to you shortly.

    May the Graphics Card of Porte-Plante always be powered by green energy;
    May Hexagon's processor stay away from the CIA;

    May Pompeii's hard drive never fall to ashes;
    May Azumaterasu's RAM never be a barrier to its owner;

    May McDead reincarnate as quickly as possible, and Valba carry on the fights of its owner for a long time!

    Let's welcome all these newly-named together, Osirans!