How to count dungeon points for ancient dragon.

  • Copy-paste of my old guide from EU forum:

    What are dungeon points?

    Every time when you enter to the small dungeon and kill boss you earn some kind of points. Every solo run is worth one point. To get more points per run we need to get a party. In a full 5 people party we earn 5 points per run.

    The more people we have in party the more points we earn, let's see:

    solo - 1 point per run

    2 players - 2 points per run

    3 players - 3 points per run

    4 players - 4 points per run

    5 players - 5 points per run (maximum)

    Hard mode in dungeon gives you 1 point for HM and 1 point for EM.

    Point are bound for zone not for dungeon which means you can collect you points for example in Consus Cave but if you want you can spawn your dragon in Ash Catacombs using the same points.

    So how to spawn an ancient using these points?

    Ancient dragons within dungeon have 15% chance on easy mode and a 30% on hard mode to spawn after you've collected 300 dungeon points. However every dungeon have basic chance of spawning dragon without those points which is 0,006% on Easy Mode and 0,012% on hard mode. Surprise spawns happen very rarely but they do happen.

    The easiest and fastest way to spawn an ancient is to find full 5 people party. With 5 people you need 60 runs on each mode to spawn one dragon. However this does mean only one person in party will be able to capture the dragon. So to get dragon for every player in party we have to do some thing. You first earn 285-290 points (58-59 runs) in party mode (285 is much safer because for example whilst farming Ember Spark, he spawned for us when we did last run in a party while having 290 points. This resulted in only one person getting the dragon and we had to farm again next day). After everyone in the party reached 285 points we split up and finished the rest alone. I recommend doing all runs on easy mode it just takes less time. With this method I almost got all dungeon ancients (Ember Spark, Twilight Ocean, Dancing Rook, Fyonorr and much, much more).

    How will you know that an ancient dragon has spawned?

    If ancient dragon got spawned you should see an yellow message in your chat saying "A faint growl was heard in the distance". A red massage also appears, and it also says "A faint growl was heard in the distance." but it's quite easy to miss, so better pay attention to your chat.

    Can these points be reset?

    Points only reset after you spawned an ancient dragon in dungeon.

    Strategy to farm ancients faster.

    First of all you should look for a full 5 player party. Then, enter to the shortest dungeon in the zone (This run shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes). After that, one or two players run foward and wait next at the boss room for it to be unlocked. The other 3-4 players clear the dungeon until the players killing the boss will be able to get there. By using this way farming 290 points will take from 1,5 to 3 hours (depends on the level of the players, length of dungeon and level of dungeon).

    Please remember that:

    -Visible counter is not avaiable in game, points need to be counted in head, paper, PC notes or anything you like.

    -Balge does not work in point system inside Nyrol's Nest and Gaesis' Roost, this system works only in Aryina's Lair. Balge also have two chances to spawn inside Nyrol's and Gaesis' first chance is after you pass the trigger point, which is that pond with aqua dragons in Nyrol's and 1st waterfall in Gaesis, when you bypass them, Balge have chance to spawn before killing boss, 2nd chance is after boss is killed.

    -Ancient Shadow(dungeon ancient for incoming Wynnadia) does not spawn at all in Nameless Keep anymore, which is a bug, because he spawned there previously.

    -Multiple boss dungeons dosen't have this system, as there are no ancients that can spawn there, even if Book of Dragon says something else.

  • I recommend doing all runs on easy mode, because I noticed that on hard mode points often get reset before an ancient dragon is spawned.

    Can these points be reset?

    Points only reset after you spawned an ancient dragon in dungeon.

    I'd just like to ask regarding these two sentences, due to one stating points only reset after spawning an ancient, and the other stating that on HM, points tend to reset before an ancient spawns. Could you please clarify? Is there a timer, or is HM broken, or something else entirely?

    I didn't bother much with farming wild/dungeon ancients in DP, so I haven't looked into the system before e.e

  • No problem XD I just got a bit confused, due to having 150ish HM runs(solo), whether I would have to start over on easy to keep proper track or if I can just keep adding on the runs I've done on easy after. Thanks for edit, I'll just keep counting then!

  • But please keep in mind, that runs you have done on easy mode, dosen't count for hard mode. I mean, if you did 50 runs on EM, you have 50 points for EM and 0 for HM.

    That's fine, as long as the HM runs counts for EM :) I now start off with HM for a couple runs then switch to EM for the rest of the day when I get bored and just want to speed through it, so it's all the more likely that it'll pop on EM - if not, I'm still slowly saving up HM points through those few runs at the start, right ^^ as long as theres no timer, or similar, to the pointsystem, I can afford to take my time like that.. I think

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply! ^^