[Guide] Encrypted Treasure Chests hunt!

  • The Encrypted Treasure Chests aka "Code chests" had been under mystery for most of us for way too long. Since they were released in 2014 inside original Dragon's Prophet little is known about them. At least was.

    This is feature that was hidden from everyone mostly by german side of the community for way too long. Me and my friend decided to slove this mystery together and show it to all of you. But please, keep in mind that most of the info is based on the original Dragon's Prophet game, so there might be some diffrences inside Savage Hunt, however i checked some of it inside of SH and it seems to work just the same as in DP.

    1. What exactly are the Encrypted chests?

    Those are special chests that can give you various goods after you manage to find and open one. They are big, black chests with red upper side. You probably saw few of them standing randomly all over Auratia. Curiosity Shopkeeper will tell you about them more, he can be found here:

    2. What exactly can they reward me?

    Known rewards are:
    Encrypted compoments(I'll come back to them once 98 lvl cap is released)
    Ancient Fighter Seals(I'll come back to them, once their purpose is added to the game)

    Treasure hunt orange materials(such as severtive's skull fragments, ancient porcelain fragments, barbossa's keepsake, etc, etc)
    Unhatched eggs(with Nessus, Lundhal, Bloodred Coral, etc)
    Green and blue gear
    Riding points

    Chests with diffrent currencies(such as gold, kindred insignia, adventure insignia,vanquisher insignia)
    Ancient Boxes(with random marketplace item)

    Dragon Essences

    3. That sounds juicy, how can I find one?

    This is where the fun part starts. Finding them was an unknown mystery for most of players. There was one method that seemed to work for everyone - killing the glowing mob.

    However it's not enough to just kill random glowing mob in order to spawn a chest, there are some rules in it.
    Let's start with, that glowing mob that is the same with lvl as you have just 1% chance to spawn chest after you kill it. The lower in lvl mob is than you, the chance to spawn drops. So mob at 94lvl will have 1% chance to spawn the chest and the chance with every lvl will drop by 0,1%. So at some point, chance to spawn will get so low, that it's easier to say that low lvl glowing mobs will never spawn it.

    But glowing mobs should be just additional option, the main way to find them is to actually hunt them on map.

    Every zone have about 30 spots where the chests can be spawned. But chests won't always spawn in their spot, there is whole mechanic that makes them show up.
    Chests are timed, just like roaming rare dragons on the map. But their timer isn't that extreme and they spawn in about every 2 hours. BUT, they spawn... Invisible. To make them visible there are two ways. There must be 10 people in range of their spawnpoint or you have to run into it about 10 times to make the "10 players in range" thingy by yourself. Once it will count 10, it should appear, if it did not, you have to check another spot.

    As i tested, you can spawn only one chest in zone(that's said about spot chests, chest spawned by glowing mobs dosen't count)

    4. Great! I found one, but how can I open it?

    There are three ways to open them. First is by keys, that you craft. Recipes for such keys can be dropped by glowing mobs or sold by Remant Moon Traveling Merchants, there was probably another way to obtain them, but I forgot about them. You need(if I'm not wrong) total of 5 keys in order to open the chests.

    If you don't have keys, or you simply don't want to bother with them, there are still another two ways of opening them. One of those method you will learn at Curiosity Shopkeeper in Artecia of Laedis. And that is, code. My personal favourite method, and I simply love to farm the chests just to play that mini game :D

    Chest will ask you to create code of 4 numbers. Code must contain chain of diffrent numbers. So let's say you'll start with 1234 - because if you're lucky enough it might be actually the right code. But usually if you start this way it will give you 2-3 right numbers.

    Red - means right number in wrong position
    Green - means right number in right position
    Empty - wrong number


    Third and last method is for the lazy ones. You can open chest with 35 diamonds, instantly :P

    Eitheir if you failed opening the chests, or succeed you will recieve 10min debuff, and you won't be able to open another chest untill it disappears.

    NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT! Spawn points!
    This is part that I'm still working on, but here are the maps that are done for now:

    1. Wynnadia:


    The guide is made by me and my friend Yuuyake, will be updated as soon as I can.

  • There is already a German Guide about this Topic with my complete List of all Spawnpoints in total.

    [Guide] Treasure Hunt - Schatzkisten-Jäger (Verschlüsselungskomponente)

    But you should better stop sharing exact Spawnlocations.

    Everyone who have worked hard / searched a very long time for those Points will understand this.
    And dont take this as bad criticism but everytime i saw people sharing some Screenshots/Spawnpoints they never searched for them by theyre own.

    They got it from other People who have have really earned the Spawnpoints, because of motivation and much much hours of searching.

    If you share all of the Spawnpositions then you will ruin this Game Feature which contains searching the Spawnpoints by theyre own.
    I dont want to say nobody should help each other for finding some more Spawnpoints.

    But its like if you are a employee at a Lottery and share the Correct Number via Facebook to everyone.

    The Idea of a Step by Step Guide is good, but dont let it grow to a "solution book"

    Edit: and by the way, there are many wrong red dots on your Map.

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  • This is exactly why I will keep sharing them. None helped us to get the spawn locations, it's just me and my friend that found them on our own. There is no point keeping it hidden since this game is almost dead anyway. So keeping anything in private makes 0 sense to me, and yes, I'll have to work on the big map with red dots more, it's hard to put the dot on the right place because map in max zoom out is hard to read. I'll probably remove that map and will stay with the second method.

  • This is exactly why I will keep sharing them. None helped us to get the spawn locations, it's just me and my friend that found them on our own.

    Well, it seems like you have to re-check the Spawnpoints which you and your friend found by your own. ?!

    Why ?

  • To clarify the only person who I got a spawn point from due to sharing would be the one in Laedis in the video posted in the guide you linked. My personal opinion is the only ones here ruining a "game feature" would be people like yourself hiding the information since what, 2014? I myself never knew this existed until recently, do you know how many hours I spent searching for chests when I played? You have ruined the game feature for ME by hiding such information for personal gain. I have a good idea now of how many people who knew I worked on the english wiki kept this from me. They kept it because they were afraid to lose their monopoly on the information.

    The way I see it, sharing how many chests are in a region is a tease. You smile and sit back thinking you are something big, your profile information even proclaims as such "1vs1 King". It tells me a lot about who you are as a person. Nothing wrong has been done here, no ones precious screenshots have been leaked or spoken about. I see a helpful guide attempting to be soured by your assuming salty buns.

    This is all just a cycle of people finding information and it becoming public over time. It happens everywhere you go, I would say it is life. To be angry over this is normal, but when you realize it will happen anyway and has happened in the past you shouldn't keep the anger. I myself have many things I can tell you that happened in regards to people running with information from me in the game but why should either of us be more important than the other? If I were to tell you, most people wouldn't care. They only care about what personally happens to them. 8o