Truth or False?

  • Truth or False?


    before you can claim to know your enemies, you must know your allies.

    Do you have this knowledge? Let us check it out this November 15th, with a simple little test:

    Your GMs will tell you a lot about them, and you'll have to differentiate between true and false!

    For each statement, you will have to indicate whether or not the GM is lying.

    You will prove that you know him, and that you will therefore be able to know your enemies as well.

    But what is a test without stakes?

    On November 15th, the GMs will release on Auratia the terrible, feared, terrible... Piñata.

    Unless you can prove to them that you know them well!

    In which case, instead of releasing the monster, they will confine it in a smaller, cuter, transportable body.

    Hence, instead of spreading destruction and confetti like plague, Piñata will be able to work by your side to make Auratia great again (By looting the corpse you leisurely leave behind you).

    Brave Osira, as always, all eyes are on you. Save Auratia from this candy Armageddon! - because of course, the stakes are real!

    To achieve this, meet your GMs on the 15th of November around 20:00 CET at Scylla's Apartment on Baerton Ridgecrest Isle (B16).

    The player who seems to know the GMs as best will win, as promised, the Piñata Companion!

    But of course, every participant will get some candy.