[Event] The Morgath Bible

  • [Event] The Morgath Bible

    To honour our great creator Morgath and remember his sacrifices, the Morgath priests gather regularly once a year.

    To reach their place of worship, they make a long and solitary pilgrimage, in which they bless the brave Osiras they meet.

    Unfortunately this year, the Great Morgath Priest was assaulted by Shax on the road!

    He made it safe and sound thanks to his dragon, but the unique relic he was holding didn't:

    The Morgath Bible.

    It fell on the ground and was badly damaged during the battle. Now in pieces, with only a few pages intact, the great priest is in trouble.

    The end of the pilgrimage is near and Morgath awaits the ceremonial readings!

    The Great Morgath Priest is in need of the courageous Osirans he used to bless so eagerly!

    He is too old now and his sight bad so that he cannot restore the bible himself.

    If Morgath is not satisfied with the bible restoration, the Osira won't get his drop bonus, which they need to fight against the Shax!

    Fortunately, the great dragon of creation isn't picky: he likes anything that sounds nice, no matter what form the poem takes.

    Osiras, here is your quest if you're willing to accept it:

    Help the great priest to restore the bible by writing poems to Morgath's glory !

    Each poem will extend the Morgath's benediction by 20 minutes. Osira, how long will you be able to make the 100% drop bonus last?

    Tract from the Morgath Bible

    Once created by wisdom and power

    Gifted to another in his dying hour

    Two old friends in constant war

    The power for Kronos, ever wanting more

    With Kronos awakened, the soul devourer

    The call is heeded in this fateful hour

    The osiran awakens through morgaths might

    Preparing to finish this infernal fight

    The victory over Kronos, with great sacrifice

    Now it's your turn to share morgaths light

    Event rules:

    • the poems have to be devoted to Morgath, his actions or story.
    • only one poem per player is allowed!
    • minimum of 30 words per poem
    • the poem style is free for you to choose
    • add name and server of your character you want to participate with
    • no plagiarism allowed!

    The event duration will be from Wednesday, 7th November until 13th November 23:59 CET.

    After reviewing the poems and counting, Morgath will grand his 100% drop bonus on the weekend of the 16th.

    How long the drop bonus will be, will be announced separately later on.

  • Congratulations! You have brought forth enough poems to satisfy Morgath. He will thus grant you 6h of double drop rate this weekend!

    Prepare for Morgath's blessing on Saturday, 17th November, 12h00 CET - 18h00 CET!