Guild Interview - Rise

  • Guild Interview - Rise

    As the winners of the Guild Championship and thus the bearer of the unique title: "Conqueror of Guilds", the guild Rise was also promised a guild interview.

    We were finally able to do this.

    The guild leaders took the time to let us pester them with all kinds of questions on Discord and in the chat.

    Guild profile:

    • Leader: Razayel & Aquatic
    • Founded: 06.12.2017
    • Member: 38 / 50
    • Active members: Approx. 10 players
    • Guild Level: 51

    Questions about the World Championship:

    1. Team: How do you think you stood up to the other guilds? What makes you special?

    • Rise: We took a close look at the event in advance. How it is structured and where there might be monsters. It's important to stay calm and not rush yourself. As a guild we have a high DMG output and were already max. level by the final. The level cap increase was one day before the final, so our opponents hadn't reached it yet. Of course we took care of it early enough, because we know what a big difference the level makes to the DMG.

    2. Team: How did you choose the participants? As a tip for future competitions.

    • Rise: The main thing was to be 5 people.
      The first group even included a Level 19.

    3. Team: With the times of 16:26 and 16:30 both of your rounds were the fastest of the whole tournament, respect.

    • Rise: We think we could have done it even faster.
    • Catarix: Certainly, with a little more practice and less lag ...
    • Ildruin: And without outtake worthy moments.

    General questions about the guild:

    1. Team: Which language do you speak the most?

    • Rise: In the chat mainly English, but if something is not understood, then we also write in another language.

    2. Team: On which server are you mainly represented?

    • Rise: We don't have a main server, we are very evenly distributed on all servers.

    3. Team: Are you more of a progress guild or do you want to have more fun?

    • Rise: We love dragons - and everyone who loves dragons. We have a Progress core and people around to make the game fun. Because, of course, both are important to us.

    4. Team: If you had to describe your guild in one word, what would it be?

    • Rise: Competitive.

    5. Team: Are you more new players or do you have more members who have already played DP?

    • Rise: We are mainly people from DP, but we have some newcomers as well. But the basic core is made up of former DP players.

    6. Team: How important is team spirit to you in the guild?

    • Rise: So for us team spirit is the trust among each other and then of course it is also very important to us.

    7. Team: Do you play a lot together as a guild? Regular guild bosses, raids etc.?

    • Rise: If there is content we like to farm together as a guild. If there's no content, it's a bit less fun, but we use the time to help the Alliance. We have a schedule for guild bosses, but we're always focused on whether the players are able or busy.
      Basically, when there is something, definitely - together it's the most fun.

    8. Team: How do you feel about taking in newcomers?

    • Rise: We are open to newcomers, after all they are the cornerstone of a guild - you always need fresh faces. But they should already know something about the game and not be dependent on 100% help from the beginning. As long as they show interest, we are happy to help with questions or if there are problems.

    9. Team: What have been your greatest achievements as a guild so far?

    • Rise: It's only one of two achievements, but Razayel and Skaahr killed Lokfear together with level 60. Also, Razayel, for example, already has all the dragons in the game so far. We finished every end-content dungeon first and got every rare dragon first.

    10. Team: A lot of guilds dissolve over time, you've been around since the launch of Savage Hunt, what's your secret?

    • Rise: Our guild will always exist as long as the core of the player plays. The core will never leave the guild either, come what may. We're also waiting for some people who used to play DP and want to join the 98 / 102 cap later.

    11. Team: Would you like to tell us anything else about your guild?

    • Aquatic: We don't have any guild photos! Not a single one. :D
    • Ildruin: Well, let's add that as a price - the whole guild should get together and then we'll take a screenshot! As kitschy as possible, of course.
    • Catarix: aaaawww I will put macaroons there from the Valentine's Day. That will be totally cool - "Conquerors of the Guilds" and then everywhere small hearts and macaroons - amazing.
    • Aquatic: Well, I'd be in favor if this was a troll post. :D
      _____Conclusion: Another time maybe. But a picture was still taken:

    • Aquatic + Razayel: We have a smooth management system that ensures that everything runs smoothly. Razayel and I also have a lot of contact outside the game and therefore work much better together as a team - which of course benefits the guild a lot. We also have a Discord server where we get the latest information about the game.

      Of course we would be happy about new players, that would be great. We welcome all new and old players from DP to our guild Rise.

    Guild motto: Love Guild

    So hopefully that gave you a good insight into the winners of the World Championship Guild. We definitely had a lot of fun with the interview and of course thank the guild Rise for their time.

    If you want to apply to this guild, you can of course contact Aquatic or Razayel - both will be friendly to you.