Flash Sale - Misty Shroud Blueprint

  • Flash Sale - Misty Shroud Blueprint

    Those who have planned something for Friday evening at 20:00 CEST should postpone it by a few minutes! Because on Friday evening something will appear in the marketplace that you've been wishing for for a long time: The Misty Shroud Blueprint.

    On Friday, October 26th at 20:00 CEST the blueprint can be found in the marketplace in the category Flash Sale. An unlimited supply, but only for 30 minutes!

    The blueprint offers you the possibility to turn your apartment into a big private island, where you have a lot more space for houses and decorations.

    The island can accommodate a total of 3 houses and your furniture can take up to 1500 space.

    In addition, this island offers a little extra that the normal secret apartment couldn't offer you - the change of day and night.

    But what does this island look like? Like this:



    So: Friday, 20:00 CEST - for 30 minutes! Remember it!

    Have fun with the new island ;)