[Guide] Abyss of Exile

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  • [Guide] Abyss of Exile

    Step 1: We recommend that you enter the event zone with at least 2 players

    Step 2: The group leader must speak with Jasmine in Arteicia to transport the group to the Abyss of Exile.

    Step 3: Get a ghost catcher from Otis. Activate it by right-clicking on the item in your inventory.

    Note: Your skills will then be replaced by Event Skills while the ghost catcher is active. You can click away the ghost catcher mode by clicking the cross on the hotkey bar. If this happens to you by accident, you can always get a new item from Otis.

    - Ghost Catcher

    Step 4: After all party members have equipped the ghost catcher, the party leader can open the gate.

    - Portal

    Step 5: After opening the door, each player receives 100 Corrupted Napolite Energy.

    Step 6: Now you must use your new skill bars to set traps and lure the dark creatures in. The trap expires after a certain amount of time, so make sure you don't attract too many monsters and your trap will disappear.

    Note: The "E" hotkey is a large area into which you can simply draw enemies, and the "Q" hotkey is for pulling monsters.

    - Trap

    - The disappearance of the trap

    Step 7: Several waves of different monsters must now be lured into the traps. After each monster wave, a "mini-boss" will appear, and you will defeat him in the same way as the normal monsters.

    Note: To use the ghost catcher, you must collect Corrupted Napolite Energy, which is obtained by mining Corrupted Napolite Ore. The ghost catcher consumes 30 Energy each time a trap is set, but the "Chain" to pull the monsters can be used without Energy.

    - Corrupted Napolite Ore Vein

    Step 8: After catching a monster, its soul energy is transferred to the owner of the trap. Note: You will need this later to complete a quest and for the Ghost Coins.

    Step 9: After you defeated all monster waves, a dragon boss named Grave Rider will appear. As soon as he appears, all players will receive a message telling them which player the boss has focused on. The player in whose case the boss is running has the chance to get a Green Flame as a companion.

    Step 10: After the boss is defeated, you can use the Ghost Compressor in the middle of the abyss. For every 60 units of Soul Energy, you will receive one Ghost Coin.

    Note: If you use the Ghost Compressor, you will receive a cooldown to the event. You will not be able to re-enter the event zone until the cooldown time has elapsed.

    - Ghost Compressor