Creepily beautiful offers

  • Creepily beautiful offers

    Whether dragon collector, fashion diva or furnishing genius - we have something for everyone!

    In order to prepare you perfectly for Halloween, we present you a large selection of offers till the 8th of November at 10:00 CEST.

    Among other things, furniture packages for a scary home, so that you can organize a great costume party for your friends.

    Speaking of costumes: We've heard that Halloween costumes are currently the trend in Arteicia, so we have some for you to choose from.

    And what would a Halloween in Dragon's Prophet be without the right dragons? This is also taken care of!

    Furniture packages

    Let's start with the party decoration: Whether a small pumpkin house with its own candy supply, a dining room full of ghosts, a refreshing bloodbath or a scary sleep opportunity - we have taken care of everything.

    Live in a pumpkin

    Everlasting Sleep

    (Skeleton not included)

    Bloody Bathtime

    (Attention: During the bloody bath time you have to take care of the corpses yourself.)

    Spooky Living Room

    Dragon Gacha

    Tastes are different, especially when it comes to colors. To make as many of you as happy as possible, we've packed three color variations of our bone dragons into gachas full of creepy dragons.

    Ghost Dragon Gacha

    Slime Dragon Gacha


    Pumpkin Dragon Gacha



    Costumes & Weapon Skins

    Whether elegant butterfly with a touch of threat or a hard rocker carried through the air on skeleton wings - there is something for everyone.

    If you want to see what they look like, just click on the links.

    Costumes <- click

    Weapon skins <- click