Dragons Prophet/Savage Hunt installation issues

  • Hey everyone,

    I am having issues installing either of these games to a working condition. Both can be downloaded and installed, but when clicking on the icon and loading the launcher, my DP launcher is empty with no play button or anything else... my SH launcher loads and I am able to click play.. but then it loads a black screen and doesn't seem to be receiving data. I was playing before but was told by support that I was using the wrong client, they sent me a Zip file link to dl for DP and a link for SH, which is what I used to download both games. Oh and yes, I deleted the "dragoon" folder in documents.. Anyone have any advice or help?

  • you need to be sure ther is no firewall blocking the game to make direct connection with the server and begin to update it

    i can give you an article to disable ur firewall but i dont know i can do that her or its forbedin

    u can get direct dounlad link and extract it from this link its from gamigo.com


    The nasty "dragoon" folder. This folder manages login information for both games, and sometimes the little rascal gets confused. Delete this folder (found under C: \ Users \ YOURNAME \ Documents, not in the game directory of Dragon's Prophet.

    program it used to extract name is winrar chick first if you have it in ur system before u try that link


    hope my answer selove ur problem

    and welcome back :D