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  • Alright so Monday I got off work and went back home. Directly when I arrived, I ran to my room and tried opening my PC like I normally do (unless I leave it open for a couple weeks lmao) and it just popped a black screen with the words "Missing operating system". I'm not dumb I know what an OS is and that an issue like this can be fixed with the CD used to install the OS. Problem is: my CD reader broke a couple years ago so I took it out. Also the fact that I lost the CD, which was a Win7 CD. My PC also bugged me for the longest time that I could update my OS to Win10 and I got tired of the alerts and did the update. That also was a couple years ago. Now for some unknown reason it went full oof mode and I can't play neither DP not SH, if someone's good with PC stuff could I get some advices so I could get back into the grindfest that is the laedis 94 set? QQ

  • Your beloved W7 is dead Aykalia :/

    Here your Mother board, RAM, Graphic board are fine. It's either your Hard drive, or most probably W7 that got corrupted.

    You're to buy a W10 licence, don't panic if you see large prices, you can find some <30 € if you search it well (legal of course). Once it's done, you'll have to create a bootable usb device of it.

    Don't cry too much for your late OS, W7 will not be maintainable anymore in a short time (if it hasn't happened yet), which means MS would not have cared for security update anymore.

    Once you have a bootable USB device (MS W10 website can create one for you if you give an USB with 8-16 Go, with the pc's specifications you keyed in), you'll know if your hard drive is fine. If it's not, well... rip the HD too.

    Your issues was most probably caused by beeing powered off too quickly or while an update if it's finally an OS corruption, which seems to be the case.

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