Little Guide on Roaming Ancients

  • I often see the same questions: "When will this drake spawn?", "When did this drake got captured?", so I decided to make a little guide on Roaming Ancients. All of the hours you'll see in this guid will be in UK time. We are currently on winter time, so I'll add between paranthesis what would be the spawn times for summer time. (why I start whith hours like 2:07, and end with 23:07 is because of the daily reset thats done at 0:00, on summer time, the reset will be done at 1:00).

    Before starting, I should say some important things:

    Each Thursday*, there is a weekly maintenance of the servers. Each time there's a maintenance, or a crash of the servers, some dragons spawn back.

    *The maintenance has always happened on Wednesdays on Dragon's Prophet but here, on Savage Hunt, it looks like it will be done on Thursdays.

    There are two types of dragons. First would be the Programmed Ancients. Those dragons are not affected by maintenance or crashes, and spawn multiple times a day (up to a maximum of 8 times). Let's take Cobalt Lightning as an exemple (a favorite of many people) who spawns each time the in-game day starts. The dragons in this category are, from the lowest lvl to the highest: Cobalt Lightning, Midnight Shade, Shrouded Carnage, *Solar Eclipse, Son of Tyre, Tonapah's Shadow, Death Phantom.

    Spawn rotation for Programmed Ancients is the following:

    Cobalt/Phantom > Tonapah > Midnight/Solar/Tyre > Shrouded, then it gets back to Cobalt and Phantom.

    (*Solar Eclipse, unlike every other programmed, will only spawn once, so watch out for this guy).  <------ This post was for the original Dragon's Prophet game which had more dragons, I will add them as soon as they are added. Don't worry, they are not lost forever, just not in the game yet :)

    The second type would be the Non-Programmed Ancients. These dragons are affected by maintenances and crashes. This means that is there's a crash of the servers, or a weekly maintenance, these dragons will spawn back. In the case of a maintenance, they will respawn the day(Thursday), or the day after(Friday) the maintenance. All of these dragons have a respawn time of 3 to 6 days (they will more often spawn on the 4th day, but it is possible that they could spawn on the 3rd, the 5th or the 6th day too) after their death or capture. There is also a sub-category for this type of dragon, lets call them Special Ancients, I'll talk more about them later, youll understand in time.

    You can capture a dragon that is up to 5lvls above you (6 if you have great taming skills and Draconic Influence gear, but not higher than that), you will need a lot of Draconic Influence though (can only be found on necklaces, rings and earrings). It's always better to have as much DI as possible. What DI does, is it speeds up the red taming bar while capturing a dragon. You will only have 30 seconds to capture a dragon that is 5lvls above you and the average time for a capture is about 35~40 seconds. With DI gear, the red bar goes faster so you take less time to tame and have better chances of actually capturing the dragon on the first try.

    I triple checked every ancient listed here, so im more than sure these hours are correct.

    (Edit: I would recommend looking Ancients paths on videos instead of a map. You don't get the altitude

    at which an Ancient flies, and also, most maps are inaccurate.)



    -Pale Radiance[lvl35]: 2:07|5:07|8:07|11:07|14:07|17:07|20:07|23:07 [3 to 6 days]

    [Eve.] (3:07|6:07|9:07|12:07|15:07|18:07|21:07|0:07)



    -Onyx Smoke[lvl35]: 2:45|5:45|8:45|11:45|14:45|17:45|20:45|23:45 [3 to 6 days]

    [Night] (3:45|6:45|9:45|12:45|15:45|18:45|21:45|0:45)



    -Cobalt Lightning[lvl45]: 0:52|3:52|6:52|9:52|12:52|15:52|18:52|21:52 [Programmed]

    [Day] (1:52|4:52|7:52|10:52|13:52|16:52|19:52|22:52)

    -Primal Star[lvl45]: 0:15|3:15|6:15|9:15|12:15|15:15|18:15|21:15 [3 to 6 days]

    [Morn.] (1:15|4:15|7:15|10:15|13:15|16:15|19:15|22:15)



    -Midnight Shade[lvl55]: 2:07|5:07|8:07|11:07|14:07|17:07|20:07|23:07 [Programmed]

    [Eve.] (3:07|6:07|9:07|12:07|15:07|18:07|21:07|0:07)

    -Fungal Bloom[lvl55]: 0:15|3:15|6:15|9:15|12:15|15:15|18:15|21:15 [3 to 6 days]

    [Morn.] (1:15|4:15|7:15|10:15|13:15|16:15|19:15|22:15)

    *Also note that there's a second Fungal that spawns on a glitched path, he starts flying above mountains, flies through said mountains and lands in a cave behind the statue at the far west of his normal path. Once in this cave he will stay there as long as he's not captured or theres no maintenance or crash of the servers.



    -Whispering Wind[lvl65]: 0:15|3:15|6:15|9:15|12:15|15:15|18:15|21:15 [3 to 6 days]

    [Morn.] (1:15|4:15|7:15|10:15|13:15|16:15|19:15|22:15)

    -Shrouded Carnage[lvl65]: 2:45|5:45|8:45|11:45|14:45|17:45|20:45|23:45 [Programmed]

    [Night] (3:45|6:45|9:45|12:45|15:45|18:45|21:45|0:45)



    -Lunar Frost[lvl75]: [SPECIAL] Lunar Frost spawns once each real life day. Without any exceptions. The more difficult part is that he

    [--] doesn't have any spawn hours. He has a possibility to spawn each second in 24 hours.

    -Shattered Rage[lvl75]: 2:45|5:45|8:45|11:45|14:45|17:45|20:45|23:45 [3 to 6 days]

    [Night] (3:45|6:45|9:45|12:45|15:45|18:45|21:45|0:45)



    -Silverthorn[lvl85]: 2:07|5:07|8:07|11:07|14:07|17:07|20:07|23:07 [3 to 6 days]

    [Eve.] (3:07|6:07|9:07|12:07|15:07|18:07|21:07|0:07)

    -Solar Eclipse[lvl85]: 0:52|3:52|6:52|9:52|12:52|15:52|18:52|21:52 [Programmed sp.]

    [Day] (1:52|4:52|7:52|10:52|13:52|16:52|19:52|22:52)

    -Alabaster Sailhorn[lvl85]: [SPECIAL] Alabaster will not roam around like most of the other Ancients, he has a really special spawn

    [--] system. Once every 3 to 6 days, ice crystals the size of a player will drop from the sky and plant into the ground. Only one contains Alabaster. You will need to play a little game of hot&cold to find him. "You feel Alabaster Sailhorn's faint breath in the distance" means he's far, "You feel Alabaster Sailhorn's breath in the snow" means he's neither far, nor close, "You feel Alabaster Sailhorn's breath nearby"

    means he's right next to you, break everything. He spawns in the very first part of Inartia, where there is snow everywhere.




    -Dark Flame[lvl95]: [SPECIAL] Dark Flame, just like Lunar Frost, doesn't have any spawn hours, but he has ~85% chances of

    [--] spawning during the night. He always spawns the same day as Recursive Nightmare, and has a respawn time of 3 to 6 days.

    -Recursive Nightmare[lvl95]: [SPECIAL] Recursive Nightmare, just like Lunar Frost, doesn't have any spawn hours, but has ~85% chances

    [--] of spawing during the day. He always spawns the same day as Dark Flame, and has a respawn time of 3 to 6 days.

    -Hazul the Swirling Flame[lvl95]: [SPECIAL] Hazul, like Alabaster, has a pretty uncommon spawn system. You will need a few Howell

    [--] Dragon Soul Resonation Devices (dropped from pretty much all mobs in Alentia). Hazul is located in the second (volcanic) part of Alentia. In order to get him to spawn, right click on a Device and it will tell you wether it can detect Hazul or not. "Unable to detect Hazul the Swirling Flame's Dragon Soul" means that he is too far away, or not up. Try on another spot or later. When you'll get close enough to detect him, the message will change to tell you in which direction is Hazul (North, East, South, West). You will need to be directly on him and use a Device in order to get him to spawn. He has a respawn time of 3 to 6 days, spawns twice during his spawn day, and "Hazul the Swirling Flame's Dragon Soul Breath appeared once, and disappeared again" appears on the screen when he spawns/moves. Because, yeah, he moves. A lot. This message can only be seen while in Alentia.


    I hope this will help some people struggling with Ancients. ^^

    Thank you to Sylversterfury (former name: Josuealbrecht) for the help and the videos :)

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  • Olandra

    -Scarlet Bloom[lvl99]: 0:15|3:15|6:15|9:15|12:15|15:15|18:15|21:15 [3 to 6 days]

    [Morn.] (1:15|4:15|7:15|10:15|13:15|16:15|19:15|22:15)

    -Verdant Fin[lvl99]: 0:52|3:52|6:52|9:52|12:52|15:52|18:52|21:52 [3 to 6 days]

    [Day] (1:52|4:52|7:52|10:52|13:52|16:52|19:52|21:52)

    -Indigo Stone[lvl99+]: [SPECIAL] Blue stones the size of a player will spawn at random places on the map. A certain number of stones will spawn at the same

    [--] time on the map, then everytime one gets picked up, another one spawns somewhere else. it is believed that a total of 10 stones spawn in a day and that they have 3 to 6 days to respawn when all have been looted. they can be pretty hard to find though, so don't be surprised if you see them several days in a row. Collect 10 of them (Mysterious Blue Stones) and bring them to the Researcher next to the Lair Manager in Wift, she will give you the draconic flute to spawn Indigo Stone. You can only use the flute while in your Guild Sanctuary. The dragon will have a base level of 99. It cannot get lower, but it can get higher depending on the player's level (up to 105).

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  • Yes they do still spawn normally, and their tmers are not related, so sometimes you will then have both, a roaming ancient and a chinese dragon on the same route :D


    * Sorceress of Skitterness ~ Lvl 98 ~ Alaylia *

  • Porthis dragons are extremely delayed and I apologize for that, I haven't have the chance to be in front of a PC in AGES so I can't edit the guide properly. Will edit this whenever I can to add in the remaining dragons (thadrea will probably be out by then so I'll add the dragons from there as well)