[GM] Scylla

  • Heyoo, i'm your new GM Scylla!

    as you might have noticed i've been around for a while now (you can usually spot me on B19) but was so far only "oficially" there for the german Community. Starting today i will be GM for both the German AND English Community!

    As most of you probably couldn't read my german introduction before, here is a translated version for you:

    i'm a Gamer, 20 years young and for the past 7 years MMORPG has been my main genre. I have also played Dragon's Prophet for a long time, so i am very happy to be able to help out here in Savage Hunt! My absolute favorite work here already is the event planning, so look forward to many fun events with me on the german server both servers! (partyparrot)

    Just to make it clear again: I do not work for gamigo, i'm just a normal SH player like you (ninja) with way too much freetime. That means you can talk normally to me and if you have questions i will do my best to answer them.

    That's it from me, gonna meet you in the game(sheep)

    PS: I have completed my training and am now a complete minion, that means even more surprise visits from me on the server 8o

    Yes, yes i like smileys.