Attention Streamers!

  • Attention Streamers!

    Are you active on platforms like YouTube or Twitch and like to stream what you’re playing? Maybe even while playing Savage Hunt?

    Then now is your chance to widen your reach!

    If you send us your channel you have the chance to be advertised by us for the next 7 days. Where will it be advertised? On our forum, the launcher and of course on our facebook page!

    In the forum we are going to put up a permanent advertisement that will look similar to the box for the discord server.

    In the Launcher there will be a button like the one showing the Kindred Compass, or right now, Olandra.

    Of course we are not just going to pick one streamer that we are going to advertise, we will be switching through.

    Additionally, we are going to give away a nice streamer package at the end of the 7 days, that will be raffled between all participants. It will contain a complete costume + weapon skin, a Brasten Raybin and all sorts of useful things that a streamer could use in their daily Savage Hunt routine.

    Brasten Raybin looks like this:

    You can apply by messaging Catarix on the forum.

    Please include the following information: Your channel name and link, your character name, your server, the language that you stream in and if you’ve got one, your logo.

    Please make the subject of the message clear so we can find it fast ;)

    The event ends in:


    What are you waiting for? Start your streams and let’s go!