The Princess and the Dragon

  • Attention all brave Osira, the GMs need your help!

    One of our GMs got kidnapped yesterday evening! During a costume fitting for the female GMs an uninvited guest showed up: A mighty dragon appeared and took off with one of the girls.

    We managed to follow him to a small floating Island with a big tower. The dragon must have mistaken our GM for a princess and is now holding her captive at the top of the tower!

    After arriving the dragon cast a spell that has turned and twisted the tower and its stairs, freezing any object that gets too close and leaving no possible way up. We quickly gathered anything of use and threw it into the wicked spell to create a path for you to climb the tower.

    We now need your help to save our damsel in distress from the claws of the dragon!

    The brave Osira to first reach the “Princess” and save her from the dragon will receive a special reward. Any other player helping during this rescue mission is going to also receive a reward.

    To participate you need to go to the apartment of “Scylla” on Saturday at 18:00 CET. The exact location will be revealed shortly before the event starts.

    We are counting on your help!


    Update: The Event Location is the Apartment of Scylla on B16 - Baerton Ridgecrest Island. Its the Apartment Complex next to the Platform. To enter just go into the Portal, type in "Scylla" and press "Visit"



  • Thanks to everyone who turned up to help save the princess from the nasty dragon yesterday, and special thanks to Aquatic, Genkster and Razayel who were the first, second and third to reach the top of the tower respectively!

    Here we have some screenshots from the game for those who could not make it.

    Below we also have some awesome videos made by Aquatic:

    I hope everyone enjoyed this fun little event! We had some great feedback from you guys and hopefully we will be able to do some similar events in the future~ :*