​Spooky Scary Forum Beauty

  • Spooky Scary Forum Beauty

    All creative heads and artists get ready, your time has come!

    Grab your digital pen and brush and get ready, because you need to decorate our forum once more ;)

    What's exactly the task?

    Draw a spooky dragoween forum header, for all of Auratia to shudder and never forget!
    Of course it has to be dark and scary so whoever sees it will get into the right dragonween mood.

    So in short again: The theme is halloween.

    This header is going to be decorating the frontpage of our forum - so everyone is going to be able to see your masterwork!

    As this is a very big task, you will get more than enough time to finish it.

    You can send in your creations until the 7th of October at 23:59 CEST to the Collector (<- click here).

    Please don't forget to also add your accountname, charactername, your game version (SH/DP) and your server.

    The picture would need to have the following format: 1500x250px
    Leave a little bit of free space in the middle, so the logo is not going to cover up your picture.
    Also don't forget the silver bar at the bottom that is going to be added.

    Of course you are free to add your watermarks, as long as they dont cover up half of the picture (isee)

    Now what can you win for this?

    The first place is going to get a shiny price!

    2000 Diamonds await the creator of the winner header - all other participants are going to also get a little reward of course.

    Now what are you still waiting for? Ready your digital brushes aaand .... go!

    Notice: Even if the event is the same for DP and SH, there will be one winner per game. But you can only send in your picture for one of the games!

  • Finally we can announce the winners of this event! We saw amazing headers, all of you did a great job!

    But just one can win and this creative person is Neoseptem! Congratulation :)
    Your 2000 Diamonds are already on your account ;)

    Like we mentioned the participants will get a little something too - everybody who participated have 500 Diamonds more on their account :P

    And this wonderful picture will be the new header for the event section:

    (Hide your sweets before it's too late!)

    Thanks for participating! :)