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  • For those interested, i wanted to show the making Process of the Duskreaver Signature

    Step 1: Sketch

    First i sketch the rough anatomy, then refine it to have all important body parts there (the picture for that failed me qq)


    Step 2: Add Detail and Draw all the correct lines in a different Colour (cause pencil on pencil is hell after 2x of redoing the lines)


    Step 3: Now that the Sketch is done, scan it and open it in your Art Programm, i use Paint Tool Sai and Opencanvas 6, depending on what i do i use either of them. Now for the Lineart Paint Tool Sai has an awesome Feature: i draw some random black Lines, that just need to barely add up with the Line on my sketch


    Its a Mess, i know lol BUT if i do this in a Lineart Layer i can correct every single Line now by pressing CTRL i can form the Lines freely and it will make beautiful Curves that i could never draw by Hand :D


    This is before and after, its Magic! Well i'd love it to be magic but actually its really Hard work itself. A little Time Comparison: The whole Paper Sketch took me ~2h with 3 different Layouts (of which i didnt like 2 in the end.) The Lineart Step took me ~4h now + adding the Shadows, another 1-2h....

    So yeah, now that this is done we got a clean Lineart and only need to apply Shadows in a seperate Layer:


    And its done! The PNG file without a background is in the Signature Dragon Thread if anyone wants to colour it :D


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  • thank you for taking the time to make this Tutorial . I learn a lot from here about sketch and coloring. I'm currently using SAI2 version 2018-12-23-64bit-en with a XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Drawing Pad With Screen. Works totally fine without any pen pressure related issues.

    I Think SAI Is a much Simpler tool to learn then Photoshop, That being said they are both good at different things. SAI is great if you are going to be doing inking for comics or manga completely digitally.

    Photoshop Is an excellent painting tool and is has a ton of options to create basically anything. The one thing Photoshop doesn't have is a inking tool as good as SAI. But learning SAI is so much easier then Photoshop.