[Marketplace] New promotions are online! 22.08

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    Dear Community,

    Have a look in our marketplace and comb through these deals. That's your chance to stock up on useful items.

    The following offers are available in the in-game marketplace under "Sale":

    • RuneWake Dragon Young for 900 Diamonds
    • Dragon Training Gacha for 155 Diamonds
    • Attribute Reset Powder for 400 instead of 650 Diamonds
    • Rename Ticket for 799 Diamonds
    • Academy Skill Crystal for 499 instead of 650 Diamonds
    • 50x Dragon Training Whip for 1399 instead of 2000 Diamonds
    • Fadernoc's Armor for 1300 Diamonds
    • Misty Shroud Blueprint for 3000 instead of 3250 Diamonds

    The Dragon Training Gacha comes with a chance to gain the dragon skill Elementary Brilliance of Luck!

    The offer is valid until Sunday, 26th August, 23:59 CEST!