A little monster of mine

  • I guess you might be the only part of the Internet intrested in this story, sooo...

    So, here's this little monster that I created in my weird mind. Though I'm no longer actively playing, just popping up from time to time, my head stayed in this world, especially around Dragon Gods. Since I'm lacking a lot of information huge part of this is my headcanon, some things might be twisted as I don't remember all details mentioned in quests and few are intentionally changed.

    Also, I write quite rarely and this was written purely for fun.

    And I'm not a native english speaker.

    The story takes place about thirty years before in-game events, before Fedrana switched sides, before Fadero became General and before he was later assigned as a guardian in the Dragonheart Temple.


    Strong storm was giving hard time a group of friends, struggling against the cold north wind and downpour. It started not long after they had taken off and they were already tired of fighting it. Water getting into their eyes made it hard to spot anything on the ground meters below them, what didn’t made their task any easier. Their target was small from this height, but they had still some time before even getting near it. At least they thought so.

    “Down there!” Fadero shouted over the pouring rain, folded his wings and dived towards a spot on the ground. Though others couldn’t see what he managed to find, they followed him without second thought. Anything, to hide, at least from the biting wind.

    As they got nearer the ground, rest of them saw a small cave entrance, settled under a rock shelf on the side of a cliff. One after the other they transformed into their human form just before getting into the cave, to avoid soaked clothes if only possible.

    Fadero stopped at the beginning of long stone bridge. Flow of cold air hit him in the back, making his long black coat wave around his tall figure.

    “Yeah, I hate it too” Teaskylen said, standing next to him. “It puts my hair in my mouth. Constantly.” With those words, she tucked a strand of completely white hair behind her ear. Rest of her hair was braided and close to the ground behind her, with some colourful ribbons in it, sealed with black crystal at the end.

    “I didn’t say anything” Fadero gave her a side-look.

    “But you thought.” She replied, without looking at him

    Behind them Fedrana shook off some raindrops that managed to reach her. “Ugh, I hate rain. I’m made for high temperatures and full sun. Not this dull weather of Wynnadia. It is bad for scales.” She covered herself with her arms and stepped closer. Long sleeves of her silver-covered shirt rustled with protest under her touch.

    Rovaniemi joined them with her usual bored face. “Down this cave and we’ll be done with this bloody mission”

    “You ever wondered why they sent us to find that egg?” Teaskylen tilted her head to the side, still staring into path in front of them. “I mean, we’re bunch of children to them and from what I got, it was quite important to them to find it.”

    “From what you got, you got half of it wrong, Tea.” Rovaniemi said. “This egg isn’t as important as you think.”

    While they were talking Vrael lastly joined them in the cave. “Well, Ferniax looked pretty serious while explaining details to us.”

    “Come on, I’ve seen him on all those” she made air quotes “important meetings. With us he wasn’t even maintaining any eye contact. Anyway, now we measure everything by how much of a threat it is. And an egg? If Shax laid their hands on it, then it might have been a problem, but we would know about it. It was just a rock laying on the bottom of the cave. The only thing I’m marvelling about is why they decided to retrieve it from here just now.”

    Fedrana laughed sarcastically “Maybe they just remembered.”

    Rovaniemi only shot her a killing look. “Be serious”

    “I’m trying to remember if I ever heard anything about a missing egg, but nothing comes to my mind.”

    “Not that it’s much of a surprise, considering your mind…” Rovaniemi muttered, just before Teaskylen nudged her under ribs. She winced, but didn’t say anything else.

    Fedrana thankfully didn’t hear that comment. “Girls, please, just not now.” Vrael spoke up

    Fadero straightened up and took few steps forward. “Bridge looks stable, but I wouldn’t give it much credence. Places like this are straight perfect for traps.” He turned back to face his friends. They all looked miserable and exhausted. Their bodies were ready, energy already restored after the last fight they got involved in, but their faces shown everything that was going on inside them. After spending over three weeks in chase of people who were supposed to have the information they needed, they were tired of searching for anything useful in this tangled web of intelligence. It was a lot to take, even given their young age and enthusiasm. Now he needed to get out of them this last spark of commitment. He was an unofficial, maybe a bit self-claimed leader, and that’s what leaders do, right? “Come on, show off, Third Eye.” He addressed Vrael by his title to make situation a bit better. They rarely used their titles when alone and the ridiculous way it sounded, when used unnecessarily, always brought smile to their faces.

    Not this time, though.

    Vrael just shook his head, silently saying “Not this time”, then widened his eyes. His irises flashed with gold light few times and head tilted slightly to the side following something only he could see, before turning back to their usual brown. “No traps here. But we have to cross it one by one, the stone is quite thin in the middle of the bridge”

    Narrow and slippery path in front of them didn’t look too inviting, as well as, disappearing in the darkness, bottom of the cave.

    “If you fall, even if you transform back into dragon you won’t be able to fly. This room is too small to fully extend your wings without slicing them to shreds.” Teaskylen helpfully provided, after reading scraps of their thoughts.

    “Short: don’t fall” Fadero looked down.

    Rovaniemi guessing his next question stepped up to the edge and put her hand over the chasm. She froze for few seconds waiting for the echo to come back to her. “At least seventy five meters, might be deeper in the middle, uneven bottom.” She turned back to them. “Low chances for soft landing.”

    “No time to waste” Fadero summed up. “Let’s go then” Last words he said mostly to himself before stepping on the path.

    The bridge was about thirty meters long, and slightly more than half a meter wide in its most narrow point. Enough to go through, enough to loose balance. But the grey dragon never was the one to succumb to nerves. They were made of steel, just as he himself. He quickly made it to the other side and shouted for next person to follow. Rovaniemi went after him, looking a bit suspiciously at the abyss under her, the thought of not being able to use her wings made her uneasy, but she made it to the other side, where Fadero already waited for her with his hand outstretched. Fedrana didn’t even bother to look down, with her inborn grace and elegance it was for her indifferent to any other walk. Vrael quickly skipped to the other side, perfectly sure of his movements, and so did Teaskylen just after him.

    On the other side rest of the group was already waiting for her.

    “You might wanna take a look at it” Fadero stepped aside to reveal a mechanism built in big rusted iron doors. “After all, it’s your field of work.”

    She only smiled before turning her attention to the door. The device was very simple and she has already dealt with similar. The only difference was that, this one was bigger.

    “Oh come ‘on. You must have recognized it.” She heard short “Yep” from Fedrana and some irritated muttering from Fadero. “It’s regular energy filling device. Just a bit larger than most.” The middle of the door were locked with a round seal that contained something similar to an empty hourglass. “I don’t see, nor feel, anything suspicious here, I think we can start breaking it instantly.”

    “What? Nothing?” Vrael didn’t look convinced.

    “It’s probably just the first part of some sequence of doors and this was put here only to weaken us before other surprises waiting on the way. The amount of energy needed to fill it is huge, and it could be even impossible to pass these doors if there were only, for example, two of us.”

    Rest of friends rolled their eyes.

    Fedrana sighed. “We better get to work.”

    They stood in half circle in front of the door and started filling hourglass with their energy. They already started to feel the slight decrease in power, when something near the entrance caught their attention.

    Vrael cursed under breath. “Shax!”

    Masked men in their mechanical suits already started climbing the bridge and the first one was halfway through. They also knew about the vulnerability of thin rock and decided to not push it to the limits. At least this worked to their advantage. Rest of the group was standing on the rock shelf and was ready to throw acid bombs onto them. Teaskylen quickly broke her energy flow and managed to raise crystal barrier just in time to spare them next rain. As she put her guard down she send piece of her iridescent crystal right into the throat of man on the bridge. His hands flew to his neck, just before he fell down, choking on his blood.

    Just before next wave of bombs appeared Teaskylen put her shield up again. “We have to put down all of them, or they’ll follow us to the very end of the cave. We won’t be able to do anything with them behind our back.” She casted another spell and crushed two of Shax under huge quartz.

    “If we try to cross this bridge they’ll shoot us like fish in a barrel!” Rovaniemi turned back, not stopping unlocking the door.

    “And fighting from here is pointless!” Teaskylen shot back.

    “Alright then, any better idea?!”


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  • The entrance was now full of enemies who were literally swarming small rock shelf.

    Vrael pulled back from door. “I think I might have one.”

    Something in his eyes changed, darkened. He stopped by Teaskylen, who looked at him with wide eyes, her expression wild.

    “Love you.” He said and kissed her quickly on her cheek, then ducked under the barrier she hold and shouted “We’ll meet after you retrieve egg. Cover me!”

    Everyone needed few seconds to register what has just happened. Rovaniemi was the first one to get over initial shock. “Vrael! Come back! There are too many of them for you alone! Come back!”

    But Vrael was already halfway on the bridge, this time keeping low to the ground to avoid all incoming shots. After he was on the other half Teaskylen needed all her focus to keep shield over him moving with him and another stable one over herself and rest of her friends. As Vrael got close to the shelf he prepared to jump. Just when the barrier fell he sprung towards entrance. Jumping into the air outside the cave, he turned back and transformed into his natural, dragon form. His golden scales shone in the light of sun, that came out after the storm has passed. Cave around them shook a little with roar that could be heard, before the entrance was covered in bright flames, burning the enemies on the spot. Everything was covered in thick black smoke and friends could feel the odour of burnt body in the air.

    By that time Teaskylen went back to breaking the seal since her protection wasn’t needed anymore. Through the smoke they saw a shadow of dragon’s head and seconds later a painful roar pierced the air. All trembled at the thought of terrible fight that must have been going on just outside.

    Just as the smoke begun to dissolve new figures started to approach the insides. Lonely dragon on the other side just couldn’t manage with so many enemies, so he did the only thing he could to make Shax leave his friends.

    He fired at the top of cave’s entrance.

    Rocks fell immediately completely covering space.

    “No!” Teaskylen cried out and rushed over the bridge towards the pile of rocks.

    She didn’t cry often, but then tears started streaming down her face. She saw her boyfriend just mere seconds ago, fighting for their lives, for their mission. Now he was separated from them by heavy stones, battling against incoming enemies.

    Fedrana froze. Her mind shut down, she couldn’t believe what has just happened. They were one of those who she thought to be immortal. They suffered heavy injuries, some of them bringing them to the edge of life, just to start recovering before falling over this thin border. It has never happened before, could it now?

    Rovaniemi started thinking. Breaking through heavy thicket of incoming thoughts her mind was going over all the possibilities of saving Vrael, though none of those ended well. It was like going through many different scenarios of one nightmare, not a single one provided her with happy ending. It would take them hours to break through the stones, the magic of this place limited their teleportation abilities and none of them was trained enough in it to conquer the power of ancient magic. It felt like a really bad dream.

    Fadero’s face went blank. How could he be a leader if he let something like this happen? He let his friend sacrifice himself. He should have stopped him, he should have gone instead… his mind only made it worse with every second, providing him with all his faults. Stop it! If he hadn’t snapped out of this thinking it would have killed him. That didn’t change the fact they could do nothing to help Vrael at the very moment.

    Rovaniemi, Fedrana and him still, now more unconsciously, sustained the flow of energy to break the seal. When it finally fell apart they almost didn’t notice. Iron door started opening slowly to reveal the steps leading deeper into the cliff.

    He looked from the door to his friends. Rovaniemi and Fedrana were slowly getting over shock, but Teaskylen remained kneeling by the crushed rocks. She was now sobbing quietly.

    Rovaniemi looked at him and gave him an understanding nod. She made her way through the bridge and over to Teaskylen.

    “We got to go.” She put one hand on friends shoulder.

    Teaskylen looked up at her, her eyes red from tears, face twisted in pain. For one last time she shut her eyes, let few last tears fall and clenched her teeth, before getting up and growling at the stones in front of her.

    She took one deep steadying breath and turned to cross the bridge.

    “Time, girl, time.” She muttered to herself resigned.

    Rovaniemi followed after, a bit worried, but relieved to see her friend on her feet. She’ll be fine. She just needs time.



  • I'm back...

    And there is this...


    Silence was palpable for the rest of the mission. Only rhythmical beat of their wings could be heard, as they flew over robust gardens of Anerton.

    They landed on a wide terrace, their claws clanking on marble and wings rustling. In front of them was huge portal leading into space of Main Hall. Portal was almost thirty meters wide, and at least five times that high. Edges were covered in gold, with intricate designs made of black thread. The Hall was almost empty. It was middle of the day and most dragons were busy. Piersar was napping on one of perches. He opened one eye, heaving heard them entering, but took no further interest in the group. In the far corner Meroon and Araas were deep in some vivid discussion, but only indistinct echo reached their ears. As they walked through the center Aldrex flew in through one of the openings on their right. Gliding just under the ceiling he looked down and roared at them in a greeting, before flying out through another opening on the opposite side. They were all far too tired and depressed to respond.

    At the end of the Hall was enormous round space, going for hundreds of meters up. Daylight falling through the opened roof was lighting only part of it, bottom had to be illuminated by enchanted lights. Dark stone walls were covered in entrances to numerous passages, leading to different chambers. The group flew up to one of hallways on sixth storey and continued through it. Red carpet was suppressing their steps. They turned into human forms and entered small door on their left, clearly not suitable for a dragon.

    Inside was located small cabinet, followed by much bigger library in the linked room. Middle of the room was occupied by broad mahogany desk with few stacks of papers on it, sharpened bird feather and an inkwell. Behind it was settled a chair in a matching style, and farther tiers surrounding the room were leading to the library. At first sight the cabinet seemed empty.

    “It’s good to see you all back, safe and sound,” Ferniax’s voice came from library, before he stepped out of it and started walking down the stairs. “Heavenly Storm, Hypnotic, Echo, Third Eye, Crystal Shadow.” He said with a smile, greeting them by their titles, despite being older and higher in rank. “How did the mission go? Did you retrieve the egg?”

    Friends stiffened at the mention of their missing companion. Ferniax seemed to notice it and as he reached end of the stairs looked at his visitors once more.

    “The egg wasn’t there.” Came a rigid reply from Fadero.

    Ferniax furrowed his brows. “What do you mean the egg wasn’t there?” His optimistic demeanor quickly faded and as he scanned through youngsters again, anxiety downed upon him. He straightened his back and widened his eyes. One, two, three… four. “Where’s Vrael?” he asked with grave voice.

    “Silver Thunder” grey dragon bowed slightly. “We came to report on our last mission.”


    I've done some sketches of Anerton and it kinda looks like Marvel's Asgard (at least in my head). Cause I can't draw a straight line, I just left it raw like this.

    (Just imagine it is all more straight and symmetrical.)

    I hope you at least got the general idea.