Special Offer for 150 diamonds

  • Do not buy this! I ask Catarix for 50% off bag slot... brought 30 of these got nothing but furniture slots and chamber... what a waste. I should have just outright brought those expensive 320 bag slot instead.

  • That's the problem with Gachas. It's pure luck and we never know at which chances something is sold. A good rule for gachas here is: Always expect the worst results. If you don't need it, it's the most likely thing to get...

  • i actually consider the gacha to be pretty evenm i bought 20 and got:

    4x Bag Slots

    4x D. Chamber

    2x Bank Slot

    3x D. Nest

    4x D. Stable

    3x Furniture

    Either you are overexaggerating or just have rotten luck

  • Congrats to Ohno :D that’s nice luck!:)

    So when we ask for your wishes don’t mean, that they will be in the shop exactly like you asked for. And additional to this we wrote SOME of your wishes are in it - not all. A lot of players just asked for EXPANSIONS - so the game management decided to sell them like that. You don’t lose anything with this Box : sure maybe you wish for something else than you got, but you don’t pay more than you get. It’s the opposite: just the furniture expansion is exactly what you pay for, all other items are already a win.

  • Not over exaggerating.... and I spent some diamonds to open more bag slot (320 diamond) fyi...saving my diamonds for real discount on bag slots only thing i really need.. chamber was nice but the furniture.....luck is what hurt. Also, If I had gotten your luck .... I wouldn't complain, you very lucky you only got 3 furniture or you also exaggerating since its (mostly) all I got.

  • Anyone else, can give me insight on what you all got for the gacha special offer? I want to try again but don't need any more furniture space.....and do these furniture space stay /w you once you buy a bigger land?

  • Ha, brought 3 more just to try my luck

    1. Dragon Chamber

    2. Bank Slot

    3. Dragon Chamber

    I think I get more diamonds to try some more... so addicting guess reason for gacha's

    Edit: I didn't get a single bag space out of all the gacha's and the whole reason I got diamond's was the bag space, I actually ....forgot the whole reason why I had gotten the diamonds for in the first place which was bag space. ||:D