Help needed with some newbie questions please!!

  • Hello! Thank you for visiting my topic!

    (I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct place to post this, so, if it isn't, please notify me :/ )

    So, First Question:

    What is the difference between magic damage, dragon spell damage, natural damage and elemental damage? How do "main damage attribute" of skills work compared to other damage types on the same skill? Are dragon spell/natural/elemental damage only affected by items and buffs or are they affected by stats as well?

    Second Question:

    What exactly is Spirit Shield? How does it work? For what I've gathered in the game, that's what makes monsters invulnerable to CC, and I have a skill that says it "deals massive damage to spirit shield", but even after using that skill on the monsters (a few times), I still can't freeze them. How does this mechanic work??

    Edit:(Third question solved. I forgot my skytouched dragon had gear on. My apologies)

    Sorry for the lack of knowledge, and thank you in advance!!

  • ok for the first one, there was somewhere a very detailed post on what exactly each dmg type does, i'll try to find that for you (as i myself only know maybe half of it cough)

    But basically the special dmg types dont get affected by your stats but the other way around. So you only can get them by dragon shards or skills or buffs, but they dont only do dmg but also have some other effects (which is explained in the thread i'll search it up) Each respective speacial damage type aslo hase a speacial defense type , while magic damage and physical damage get blocked by magic defense and armor.

    Magic damage and physical damage is your standard damage type, based on your class and which actually is based off your respective stats. (and your weapon)

    The spirit shield is actually "invisible" in number, but you can see it when you look at the icon of a monster, there is a bar next to them that represents their spirit shield. When the shield is down you can then stagger them for a period of time, until the shield recovers again (yes, it doesnt stay down). Now there is difference between normal mobs, which take sometimes only 2-3 hits and the shield is gone, and elites or even boss monsters. Those take way more hits to reduce the spirit shield, and you only have a few seconds of staggering once its down.

    So weither you want to use that skill is up to your playstyle, i myself usually dont look at the spirit shield, you can also kill them with the shield up ^^

    Hope i could help~

    Edit: found the thread, but it was in german. maybe you want to give it a try anyway: Here

    but basically they show how the dmg is calculated on which types. The 2 special effects i remember is Natural Dmg also improving your healing skills (very good for healing oracles) and Dragonspell Dmg having an armor penetration bonus.


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  • Hello! Thank you very much for answering!! :)

    And great answer! You said pretty much everything that I wanted to know.

    I guess the only thing I still need to be sure of is the "special effect" for Elemental Damage

    The thread mentions it being something about critical hits, but they seem to be unsure whether it's critical chance or damage

  • Well Crit is Crit, wether it's damage or chance it doesn't really matter if you're on a Crit build cause you'll already have a large chance of dealing Crit hits and you also should have a decent Crit damage. If you're not on a Crit build then maybe ele damage isn't for you ;D As a piersar guardian I use a lot of nat damage, I only have 3x 600s energy shards on my gear and I can tank anything that is not a oneshot by simply using Divine Spring. The healing power you get from nat damage is absolutely op, I think it's the same for ele and DSD