Что это было?

  • Здорова, я из России, у меня вопрос "за что я был забанен, и где такое написанно в правилах что я не могу себе начесать яйцо в доме для максимального бонуса?" Дайте ссылку на ваши правила ? Если тебе не в падлу то ты переведешь это сообщение.

  • Allright, I'll give you a public answer then.

    Rules for Dragon’s Prophet

    Please familiarize yourself with the game rules, especially §12a. By creating a game account in our games, you start a contract with us. By violating our in-game rules or Terms of Services, we are authorized to revoke this contract with immediate effect.

    I am sorry to see that you were not aware that you were breaking the rules, but you can not tell me that you have never even heard that Multi Accounting is forbidden.

    By using dozens upon dozens of accounts to care for your incubating eggs, you are effectively bypassing a game mechanic that requires cooperation and effort. This is a clear violation of our rules and will not be tolerated.

    I hope I could make clear why a ban regarding Multi Accounting is not a racist act against all Russian players. We do allow most nations on our servers, but we do not have any Russian speaking staff members at gamigo or in our voluntary GM team. That is the only reason why we can't offer support in Russian.

    Now, if you want to discuss your situation specifically, I do recommend opening up a discussion with me in private. I don't see why this is a matter for the public.