What the communitythinks?

  • Lately i have been wondering, about this game being free to play, and questioning if this game should have a option of subscription as well.

    I say this because, it´s getting annoying, wanting to have basic stuff like space for dragons, inventory, and bank. Wanting to delete dragons skills, train then. And all this costing allot in diamonds.

    Since i know the publisher needs to make money from game to keep it running, i wonder why there isn´t a subscription way to play this game, where by paying monthly fee, i get all those perks, while also helping the publisher maintaining the game.

    But i am not saying that the game should stop being free to play, just saying that he could also have sub option.

    What do you guys think?

  • Well, everything except bank and inventory space can be obtained by completing daily quests and earning Dragon insignias. This can be done on multiple characters, so technically one can earn up to 3600 Insignias a day (which could be pretty boring).

    Apart from more characters, if you farm between 500 and 999 War Insignia during an active Territorial war and stay till the end, you'll get an extra of 100 Insignia (can be completed 3 times a day, which gives a total of 400 Dragon Insignia a day on one character).

    And what kind of perks would you want to obtain with a subscription in the game? Dragon Slots, free teleports and other kinds of boni are already given by VIP-Levels. Unlocking all you've mentioned would only make sense, if you'd have to pay less over a fix long time or a higher rate when nothing's fix. Also, you'd need some kind of motivation to get players with an active monthly subscription to keep that and spend some money extra on costumes, ...

    So I don't think that Idea would be so easy to implement than you might have imagined...

  • Let´s discuss ideas then! I completely forgot about the teleport ability!

    And being also wandering if this idea would help improve the game income, that in change would improve the game development!

    So to people reading it! post below what could be add to the subscription option, if it did exist, and why!