Crafting Materials

  • Wanting to buy the following crafting materials in large amounts. The prices listed are for stacks of 100.

    To contact me in game, send a whisper to either Frostviper or Ghostviper. I will be on one of those two if i'm online.

    Alternatively send the items as 'Cash on Delivery' to Frostviper with the stated prices below.

    Note: All prices are more than what it costs to send a dragon out to collect a stack of 100.


    Aluminium Ore - 15k

    Copper Ore - 6k

    Iron Ore - 8k

    Nickel Ore - 20k

    Silver Ore - 15k


    Grainy Logs - 15k

    Green Horn Logs - 15k

    Shellac Logs - 8k

    Silk Logs - 20k

    Skin Salt Logs - 6k


    Tasch Grass - 15k

    Basha Grass - 20k

    Guild: Defiant (Leader), Lvl: 105, Class: Oracle (before it was popular), Alliance: Avalon