Riddle Airship Tour

  • Riddle Airship Tour

    For the National Coast Guard Day we have this fitting event, but we aren't limited to water - we love the freedom!

    Therefore, we will do a flight over the entire sky island B15.

    But only a flight would be too easy, right? During the flight we will ask you questions ... and we're pretty sure that you can't know the answer. You have to guess!

    What kind of questions we will ask? For example: how many monsters got killed in the last month?

    The one who is closest to the truth with his guess gets one point. In the end, of course, the player with the most points gets a reward!

    Fitting to the theme, the first place gets the Corsair costume set - for everyone else there is a little present for participating.

    But let's stop talking: we start at 19:00 CEST. ;)

    The questions are in English, German and French. One after another - the time is not important to win.