Armour bug.

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  • Description:

    Logged in on an alt toon, changed the costume cause it was using one i didn't want and clicked the wrong number so changed to the armour i actually wanted and ended up wearing both Phoenix and Fadernoc Armours together.

    Expected Situation:

    One armour not two combined.

    Reproduction steps:

    Logged in and the first thing i did was change costumes then change again and the bug happened.


    Wearing both the Phoenix and the Fadernoc armours in the picture above.


    It seems to have died the phoenix armour a pinkish red too :D

    Fix: Change zones.

    Guild: Defiant (Leader), Lvl: 105, Class: Oracle (before it was popular), Alliance: Avalon


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  • Oh yeah I recall that happening to me but it happened like 4-5h after I logged on when I tried porting to Paeon from somewhere else in puretia.. I looked so badass with the 2sets fused tho I wish there was an actual set that looked like that xD