• Hello, how are you guys? today I came to give a suggestion that I think really the most important in the game. 1 new language, the game is very cool and interesting, but if the players do not understand the story, and what the mission is asking, is that a bad thing? Many players do not yet understand the universal language English, like me, so I would very much like you to implement the Portuguese language in the game. because in the players of Brazil and Portugal, we use the Portuguese language as the native language. Thank you! :)

  • I mean, it's not like this is THE one thing the game is missing, they also don't even have a French GM for the French part of the community (at least not anymore) so a Portuguese one? Rip. Lastly I think they would translate the game to other languages like Spanish first

  • I totally agree with the idea of adding a new language, the Asturian !!!

    Indeed, even in the minority, I find that the population speaking in Asturian is too largely undervalued.

    When I see the French people crying over their minority, it is perfectly legitimate to defend ours.

    So please, Wonderful Translators, think of us on occasion !

    Seul ceux qui ont Expérimenté et Compris, devraient être en droit de Citer et Juger.