Unlocking Slots

  • Hi guys/girls

    I was having a thought is it better to slowly pay as you progress through the game? I was considering doing that but i dont know wether to go with the cheapest option which is $25 but for me in AUD is $33.85 or should i go with the $50.00 option? for me its $67.70 and i was planning on paying fortnightly


  • Ayyy another fellow Australian player :D

    I usually just pay as I work my way through, though I'd suggest opening some of the slots in your dragon chamber first as that gives you a whole storage line to fill with dragons and then have two slots in your lair and on your character. The cheapest option should give you enough to open a couple of character and lair slots and you should have enough left over to open some chamber rows.

    Unless you plan on buying a lot of training whips or DD potions then the $33 one should last you a fair while, at least until you've maxed it out on rare soul gazes and ancients.

    Hope this helps my dude ^-^