I have problem with games

  • when i use any skill, my screen is broken and black screen but i dont have any error message and game is running but i didnt see anything. I dont understand it. and i update my pc. i have 8 gb ram and i have amd R 7 240 2gb 128bit and intel core i5 4570 3.20 ghz. i think, i play this game without any problem with this pc. :S. and i use lower profil. i mean i select every thing lower.

  • i am playing dragon's prophet turkey without proplem. and i played dragon's prophet eu once year ago and i changed my graphic cards. i played dragon's prophet eu with my old graphic card without problem. do you understand my problem ? i think i have to play this game without problem.

  • I get this problem sometimes. When I restart my game, my computer tells me the graphics drivers crashed and recovered. So to me it sounds like a graphics card problem. Make sure the drivers are up to date. For me it happens rarely so i just restart the game and keep going.


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