[Pictures] House Parade

  • House Parade - Pictures

    The voting for the criteria is done! :)

    Your Top 4 criteria for the houses are:

    • Creativity
    • Overall Impression
    • Originality
    • Harmony

    Now you have time to post your pictures into this thread till the countdown ends.

    Like we already said in the event announcement: Everybody who wants to participate is allowed to post up to 6 pictures of his house / apartment. Show us the best view of your home!

    Ok so post the pictures till: Sunday, the 15th July 23:59 CEST.




    On Monday, the 16th July 00:01 CEST you're able to send your ratings to the forum account "Committee".

    Your message should look like this:

    Subject: House Parade - Rating


    • Your charactername: Example Osira

    • 1. Name of the person whose house you rate: HousingGodOfDoom
    • Creativity: 8
    • Overall Impression: 9
    • Originality: 10
    • Harmony: 8

    • 2. Name of the person whose house you rate: HousingNoob
    • Creativity: 2
    • Overall Impression: 1
    • Originality: 4
    • Harmony: 3

    And so on.

    You can rate every participant - you don't have a limit.

    The point range you can use is from 0 = bad - up to 10 = AMAZING! (aww)

    For the rating you have time till Thursday, the 19th July 23:59 CEST.

    * Yes - players who participate are allowed to rate other players too. Just not your own ;)

    Stay fair - We will disqualify you when we notice that you rate someone else really bad just because you participate too (for example everybody rates them good and you just give 0 & 1 points (wat)) .

    Also: Keep in mind one thing - just because you may not be the winner after the event: doesn't mean that your house / apartment is not good.

    These are all opinions, everyone has a different taste and you all do a great job with your creations (for example, I wouldn't be able to do it that way (shrug))

  • First, I would like to extend a huge 'thank you' to Frostviper for taking the time to decorate my housing plot. He did it all right after migration when he noticed all I had were the buildings and hadn't yet furnished it, except nests. It looked like a ghost town so he offered to fix it up for me. I couldn't pass this up. I'm so happy I did. It turned out wonderful and I'm so proud of it and delighted to welcome friends, guildies, allies, egg dancers, or any passersby to take a tour. 8)

    My plot is located on Stonecliff south of the citadel about midway down, close to the West zone wall near a humongous tree.


    Guild Defiant - Jorbyn Server

  • This house was made in co-operation of Frostviper and Me :) Buildings were placed by Frost (and later 2 towers re-made by me) and from big part furnished by me. Staircase and garden in the back with fountain was made by me. Upper area was placed by Frost and bar done by me. And area in front of the building and near tower was made by Frost. My apartment is on Drathgor Sunglow Isle. -Lilytetsuya, Server Lysaia, Guild Dovahmir

  • Outside View

    Master Bedroom

    Home <3

    Den/Reading area



    Thank you all for taking this virtual tour of Paradise <3 It has taken quite some time to get to this point, I think I have redone this apt 4-5 times now and am finally happy with it. Lots of input from friends helped the process go smoother :) if you would like to stop by and see this place for yourself as photo's really don't do justice for anyone really ... I live on Drathgor Ashwind Island ... feel free to stop on by make yourself at home in the living room or if you're tired there's a spare room upstairs. Take a swim in the Oasis or a luxurious soak in one of our many pools overlooking the oasis. If you're hungry pull up a chair and take a peek at the menu's our kitchen is always open :)

    There are (almost) always eggs to dance for if you'd like to help out or just want some goodies feel free to hit me up in game. You can find me either on Kileah or Eritreia my baby ranger. Give us a shout and we will get you added. Thanks for takin a peek and remember to stop by!


    105 Oracle

    Officer or Dovahmir

    Valor Alliance

  • Ok, so as i'm sure people have guessed by now...I like to decorate. I moved from my secret apartment to a plot and built this as my new home/pub.

    Feel free to stop by and have a drink while taking a look around. There are 25 nests for dancers. A burial ground for those who forget to pay the bar tab. A lab beneath the balcony and you can even try to pull the frost sword from the firey stone.

    Character Name: Frostviper

    Server: Jorbyn

    Guild: Defiant

    Location: Baerton Snowdrift

    View from the cliff opposite.

    The yard/beer garden.

    The Lab.

    The Bar Area.

    Burial Grounds. (All those who didn't pay their tab are buried here.)

    Frost Sword in the Stone. (comes complete with a travellers igloo to rest in.)

    Guild: Defiant (Leader), Lvl: 105, Class: Oracle (before it was popular), Alliance: Avalon


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