Patch Notes 12.07

  • Dear Community,

    here's the content of our latest patch (or rather patches, as you will see two patches downloading):

    • The in-game browser that was used to purchase Diamonds has been removed, as it was not up to date with today's standards anymore. If you click on the Diamond button, your standard web browser will open.
    • The Ancient Shadow Festival (summer event) has been fixed. But you didn't even know it's broken. Long story short: You can now get Weapon Skins for One-Handed and Two-Handed weapons! That's why we are enabling it right now! :)

    We aso changed a lot of little text errors or mistakes in quest descriptions.

    Additionally we changed these two "bigger" things:

    • Oracle Skill – Mad Dance:
      We had two different skills which are called „Mad Dance“ so we changed one of them to „Wild Dance", which is closer in line with the Chinese original.
    • Platinum Loot Chest:
      All of them had a wrong description that showed Skandarn as a reward for every box – we corrected this error.

    Missing Rubies are still being worked on, unfortunately we do not have a new update for you on this matter.