[Guide] Ancient Shadow Festival

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    The Ancient Shadow Festival is here!

    The Ancient Shadow Festival may have been brought to life after many obstacles, but our belief in the great Dragon God Warthorne has been reaffirmed over time.

    At that time, Astrologer Quionn wholeheartedly served the Dragon God, but was rejected by the King. He sacrificed his life as a reminder and finally ended it on the Warthorne lake. Many citizens who respected Quionn secretly sought his body because they did not want it to be eaten by the creatures of the lake. Today, we hold the flag-conquest competition to commemorate astrologer Quionn and the people of those days. To stay faithful to one's own faith, this is what the Ancient Shadow Festival is all about.

    To participate in the Capture the Flag contest of the Ancient Shadow Festival, you must first hop on an Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragon. These dragons have been trained to be controlled by you until the end of the contest if you do not tame them. All you have to do is feed them with Ancient Shadow Fish Pie, which you can get from Warthorne Priest Percy.


    Once the competition starts, all players who ride an Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragon will be taken to the starting position. If you leave the course, descend, depart from the course or change zones, you will be disqualified. Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragons can be found everywhere in the lake. Some of them may rest at the bottom of the lake. After boarding an Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragon, participants can accelerate their mount or hinder other players. How well you dodge obstacles depends on your abilities.

    Each contest has a limited number of Ancient Shadow Aqua Dragons. Do not worry if you do not get one. Register with Warthorne Priest Liddle during the active time to become a Trickster. You can also earn points by setting traps on the track.

    The Contest

    On the track both random traps and traps of Tricksters will appear. Traps have positive and negative effects: Touching the golden wings will make your mount faster, the green wings will make your mount wild, and the purple wings will confuse your mount. From time to time wild animals will also appear from the Warthorne Lake, so you should always try to avoid the bad traps.


    If you collect red flags along the way, you will receive bonus points. Violet flags will earn you points. The person who grabs the banner at the finish line gets a lot of points and the contest ends. However, it does not have to be that the person who got the flag also has the most points.

    The contest ends when a competitor receives the Ancient Shadow Flag at the finish line. Then the points are calculated immediately. To prevent losing your points, you should not leave the racetrack until the points are announced.

    Dodge the traps, collect red flags and try to grab the banner!

    Even if you do not intend to take part in the conquest of the flag, you can still enjoy the landscape of the Warthorne Lake. Ride on our chartered horse-drawn carriage or the airship! You will see that this journey is worth it as soon as you feel the cool breeze in your face and the power of the original shadow.