Crossword Puzzle

  • Crossword Puzzle

    To give you the occasional opportunity to earn small items, we have come up with a small event.

    In future announcements, word puzzles can be hidden and whether an announcement belongs to this event you can easily recognize!

    At the top of the announcement you can see a small word puzzle image - you can then simply click on the image and will be redirected to the respective post of the puzzle. There you have the puzzle in full size and you can just save it on your computer to draw around on it!

    The words you must find in the puzzle are always the content of the announcement. For example, if it's a marketplace offer, then the items that are sold are the words in the puzzle.

    Of course we will always tell you above the picture what you can win and how many words are hidden in the puzzle.

    You have 48 hours for a puzzle - we will also have a countdown above the puzzle.

    If you have marked the respective words on the puzzle, simply send your picture by private message to the forum account: Riddle Master (<-- click me!).

    Please do not forget your character name and server in this message!

    Attention! Item names can appear from left to right, right to left, bottom to top or top to bottom! :evil:

    All correct submissions are thrown into a "pot" and we will randomly draw 3 winners - these will then receive the rewards.

    If one picture looks exactly the same as another, we take the right to disqualify both participants and exclude them from future puzzles

    Here is a small example:

    The puzzle here would be the Savage Hunt Sale News from June 29th.

    The following items were on sale:

    • Misty Shroud Blueprint for 3250 Diamonds
    • Intermediate Dragon Soul Essence for 399 instead of 650 Diamonds (Limited to 5x per Account!)
    • Process Ticket for 30 Diamonds (Quanity discount in the purchase overview)
    • Fiery Phoenix Armor for 1300 Diamonds
    • Fiery Phoenix Wings for 500 Diamonds
    • Catalyst Pack for 2400 instead of 3000 Diamonds (Limited to 5x per Account!)
    • 2+1 Bonus Package (Daily Quest Reset Ticket) for 520 instead of 780 Diamonds
    • Elegant Zephyr Cottage for 650 Diamonds

    The puzzle contained 13 different words:

    1. Misty
    2. Shroud
    3. Blueprint
    4. Intermediate
    5. Essence
    6. Process
    7. Ticket
    8. Phoenix
    9. Wings
    10. Armor
    11. Catalyst
    12. Cottage
    13. Package

    Crossword Puzzles & Solution


  • Riddle Nr. 1


    [Marketplace] New sale! 11.07.

    Hidden words:




    The Winners:




    The Reward:

    4x Dragon Re-education Elixir

    Riddle & Solution: