Aorac Armor and dragon design thread.

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  • As the thread title says, this is here for me to post armor as well as dragon designs i come up iwth, maybe some weapons. any requests, suggestions or feedback is welcome.

    To start it off i have 3 armor designs ive been working on

    this one is a heavy armor design, still a work in progress but im happy with how its comming along.the full size link is posted below

    Next is a light armor design i finished. it was originally going to be a set of padding to go under another set of armor, but i decided to go ahead and just make it its on full set.

    This Wip here is armor designed to reflect the features of Cobalt Lightning. its not yet done, but i think ill use this theme to make many more sets. Maybe making a set For Every Wild spawn Dragon in the game.

  • I like them all. You clearly have a talent for design. I think my favorite - if I were shopping and had a small budget for only one..... ummm..... I'd buy the third. No... the 1st... and the 2nd one for Styx time of year, then the 3rd.

    I'm intrigued as to how they would look on a female. Something that would give us a bit more protection, with less danger of catching our heel in a crack of the sidewalk. ^^

  • I like the third one out of all those images. Some good sketches though.

    I recommend that you sketch the armours from all angles though cause having one angle isn't much detail for a developer to go from.

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